Does New Zealand have an airline?

Does New Zealand have an airline?

Air New Zealand is the national airline of New Zealand. From its hubs in Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington, Air New Zealand serves more than 50 cities in more than a dozen countries, including Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom. Visit for more information.

How many airlines are there in New Zealand?

There are two main national airlines in New Zealand: JetStar and Air New Zealand. There are also a few smaller domestic airline options, which offer flights to more “off the beaten track” destinations. Private charter companies offering scenic flights also operate.

Who sold Air New Zealand?

In November 2013, the national government sold its stake in Air New Zealand from 73% to 53% as part of its controversial asset sale programme.

What is the main airport in New Zealand?

Auckland Airport
Auckland Airport is our largest international airport, followed by Christchurch, Wellington, Queenstown and Dunedin. Find out which airlines fly to New Zealand.

How many international airports are there in New Zealand?

five international airports
But where can you expect to fly and start your trip to New Zealand? There are five international airports in New Zealand that welcome arrivals from around the world, so deciding where you want to start your trip to New Zealand and where you are departing from will determine your arrival airport in New Zealand.

What type of airline is Air New Zealand?

Air New Zealand has aggressively marketed itself as an environmentally conscious company, something akin to a ‘green’ airline. Each year, it publishes a lengthy sustainability report, which it places prominently alongside its financial reports. For several years, the company has been reporting its own greenhouse gas emissions.

Who is New Zealand’s air navigation service provider?

Airways is New Zealand’s air navigation service provider. Our staff of 780 provide air navigation and air traffic management consultancy and training services throughout New Zealand and in over 65 countries. First and foremost, we provide air traffic control and the infrastructure to keep New Zealand’s skies safe.

Who was the CEO of Air New Zealand?

Doug Patterson, CEO 1978. New Zealand National Airways Corporation, popularly known as NAC, was the national airline of New Zealand from 1947 until 1978, when it merged with the New Zealand International Airline, Air New Zealand. The airline was headquartered in Wellington.

What was the price of Air New Zealand shares?

Air NZ ended up paying NZ$744 million for the shares. Chairman Selwyn Cushing described the purchase as a “bargain”, but the price was well above what the airline’s aging fleet and declining market share were actually worth.