Does Southwest Airlines fly to Harlingen TX?

Does Southwest Airlines fly to Harlingen TX?

Southwest Airlines often flies to Harlingen/South Padre Island, making it easy to plan your next visit. Of course, having a memorable trip isn’t just about finding a plane ticket. Learn more about the Southwest® experience and book your next flight to Valley International Airport.

Which airlines fly to Harlingen Airport?

Airlines departing from Harlingen

  • Southwest Airlines (WN)3 destinations.
  • Frontier Airlines (F9)2 destinations.
  • American Airlines (AA)2 destinations.
  • Destination VivaAérobus (VB)1.
  • United Airlines (UA)1 destination.
  • Sun Country Airlines (SY)1 destination.

Where is Southwest Airlines in Texas?

Dallas Love Field
Southwest Airlines’ headquarters is located on the grounds of Dallas Love Field in the Love Field neighborhood of Dallas, Texas.

Does Southwest Airlines serve Texas?

Southwest Airlines flies to Dallas Love Field and guarantees a seamless travel experience. When you book with Southwest, the process will be simple, from selecting your flight to paying.

Where does Southwest fly from Harlingen TX?

Flights from Harlingen/South Padre Island (HRL) to Dallas (DAL) Book flights from Harlingen/South Padre Island to Dallas (Love Field) with Southwest Airlines®. Finding the flight from Valley International Airport to Dallas Love Field is easy to make your reservation and travel in a snap.

Is there a shuttle from Harlingen to South Padre Island?

Harlingen Valley International Airport (VIA) has launched low-cost direct shuttle service to South Padre Island, Texas. South Padre Island shuttle fares are inexpensive at $20 one way or $35 round trip, and passengers can book ahead or decide at the airport whether to take the shuttle.

How big is Harlingen airport?

2,400 acres
At over 2,400 acres (970 ha), HRL is the largest airport in RGV with room for future expansion. HRL has the longest runways in the region with modern aircraft approach systems that minimize the risk of delays in bad weather.

What is the name of Harlingen airport?

Valley International Airport
Valley International Airport (HRL), located in Harlingen, Texas, is the largest airport in the Rio Grande Valley.

How do I book a Southwest to Harlingen flight?

Plug them into the discount fare calendar and see the lowest fares available in your travel window. You can also browse Southwest Vacations ® to see deals and packages on flights, hotels, rental cars, and more. Explore your options and book your Houston (Hobby)-Harlingen/South Padre Island flight with Southwest today!

Are there direct flights from Houston to Harlingen?

From Houston, direct flights are offered by Southwest Airlines. This is a seasonal route that begins in June and ends in November. From Houston, you can fly nonstop to Harlingen with United Airlines (Star Alliance). From Minneapolis, direct flights are offered by Sun Country Airlines.

Is there a shuttle from Valley to Harlingen?

Southwest Airlines is proud to serve Valley International Airport. Whether you take the airport shuttle or park and fly, getting away from Harlingen is as easy as choosing your destination in the South West. Traveling for business or pleasure is easy when you travel with Southwest.

Are there direct flights from Monterrey to Harlingen?

Monterrey is the only city in Mexico with direct flights to Harlingen. From Monterrey, direct flights are offered by VivaAerobus. Several airports in the United States offer domestic flights to Harlingen (7 in total). From Chicago, direct flights are offered by American Airlines (Oneworld).