Does the Swiss Travel Pass cover the Jungfraujoch?

Which is better Mount Titlis or Jungfrau?

Although Jungfraujoch looks better in the photos, visiting it is expensive and takes longer. And although Titlis is cheaper and closer to Lucerne (I was thinking of staying in Lucerne), many people said there were crazy crowds and many tourists resorted to jostling to board the cable cars.

How much time do I need in Jungfraujoch?

Tips for the Jungfraujoch train journey Travel time from Interlaken to the Jungfraujoch: It takes 2 hours and 17 minutes from Interlaken Ost to the Jungfraujoch. There are two train changes – one at Lauterbrunnen and one at Kleine Scheidegg. You’ll have 10 minutes at each stop and that’s more than enough time to change trains.

Is the Jungfrau Travel Pass worth it?

Worth it or not? If you are visiting the Jungfrau region in Switzerland between mid-April* and October 27, 2020, are spending more than one day in the region and will take a day trip to the Jungfraujoch and at least one extra, the Jungfrau Travel Pass will be the best value.

What is the difference between Jungfrau and Jungfraujoch?

The Jungfrau is the mountain, while the Jungfraujoch is the highest station in Europe and refers to the “saddle” between the two peaks of Mount Jungfrau and Mount Mönch. So you can only visit the JungfrauJOCH and enjoy the view of the Jungfrau (mountain) from there.

How much does it cost to go to the Jungfraujoch from Interlaken?

The ticket costs CHF 145 for a round trip from Interlaken. It’s a bit cheaper if you start the day closer to Kleine Scheidegg (eg Wengen). If you have the Swiss Travel Pass, you do not get a discount on the Good Morning Ticket. It’s either one discount or the other.

How much does the train from Lauterbrunnen to Jungfrau cost?

The best way to get from Lauterbrunnen to Jungfraujoch (Mountain) without a car is to train which takes 1h 59m and costs .

Is the Swiss Travel Pass worth it?

Long story short, if you plan on doing 2 of the more expensive panorama trains and the Jungfraujoch Railway or the Schilthorn Cable Car, the pass will save you money. Switzerland is expensive, but worth it, and the travel pass can help make it a bit more affordable.

Does the Swiss Pass cover the Harder Kulm?

The transport to Harder Kulm is not a cable car, it’s a funicular. You benefit from a fixed discount of 50% on the trip. During my trip, I found that the Swiss pass covers almost all transport and many museum entrances. The Swiss pass works for Harder Klum, so you pay 50% of the ticket.

Is Grindelwald first covered by the Swiss Pass?

Holders of a Swiss Travel Pass, Swiss Travel Pass Flex (for validated travel days) or holders of other Swiss Travel System tickets will receive a 50% discount on Grindelwald-First. Includes round trip from Interlaken or Grindelwald (base station) to First.

Is it cheaper to buy Swiss train tickets in advance?

The price is variable, cheaper the more you buy it, if you leave it until the day before it can cost 106 CHF. No refunds, no changes once purchased. Buy online at or at Swiss stations. You can buy a maximum of 60 days before the day you want, until the day before the trip.

Is Mount Pilatus free with the Swiss Pass?

Yes, Mount Pilatus is free with the Swiss Travel Pass – click here to see everything covered by the Swiss Travel Pass. If you have a Swiss Travel Pass, you can order the Swiss Family Card free of charge at the same time.

Is the Jungfraujoch included in the Swiss Pass?

Standard Swiss rail passes are valid in the Jungfrau region: Swiss Travel Pass holders only get a 25% discount on the Wengen-Kleine Scheidegg-Jungfraujoch-Kleine Scheidegg-Grindelwald rail sections.

Is the cable car included in the Swiss Pass?

About the Swiss Travel Pass Unlimited free travel for 3, 4, 8 or 15 consecutive days; Trains, buses, boats and urban transport are free; Cable cars, cog railways and funiculars are reduced by 50% (details and exceptions here); Children travel free with the Swiss Family Card.

How much does a Swiss Travel Pass cost?

Swiss Travel Pass Flex.

Product Price in CHF in 2nd class Price in CHF in 1st class
Swiss Travel Pass Flex 3 days in 1 month 267.00 424.00
Swiss Travel Pass Flex 4 days in 1 month 323.00 514.00
Swiss Travel Pass Flex 8 days in 1 month 467.00 742.00
Swiss Travel Pass Flex 15 days in 1 month 563.00 890.00

How to get to Mount Titlis from Lucerne?

From Lucerne, the Lucerne-Engelberg Express takes you to Engelberg. From there you take a bus to the 8-seater Titlis Xpress cable car and then up to the middle station of Stand. The revolving Titlis cable car takes you up to the upper station at 3020 meters.

How much is Mount Titlis Cable Car?


Adults: from CHF 104.00
Swiss half-fare subscription: from CHF 58.00
Children aged 6 to 16 without an STS Family card: from CHF 58.00

Where can I buy Titlis tickets?

Tickets for the summit of Titlis are available online or at the ticket office at Engelberg valley station. Make sure you have a rail pass to get a discount. The Ice Flyer requires an extra charge, which also includes all Glacier Park activities.

What is the best train route in Switzerland?

  • The Golden Pass line. The Golden Pass Line connects central Switzerland to the shores of Lake Geneva.
  • Ice Cream Express. The Glacier Express – also known as the world’s slowest express train – is probably Switzerland’s best-known scenic train ride.
  • Bernina Express.
  • Voralpen Express.
  • Gotthard Panorama Express.

Is the Swiss Half Fare Card worth it?

Half-price card: With this card, you benefit from a 50% reduction on each ticket purchased (valid for one month). So a Swiss Card would cost CHF 64.00 (second class) more than a normal return ticket and would only be worth buying if you are planning more train travel during your holiday.