From what age does Alaska Airlines hire flight attendants?

From what age does Alaska Airlines hire flight attendants?

Must be 21 years old. Must be fluent in English. High school diploma or GED. 2 years of experience in customer service.

Can you work for an airline at 18?

There are currently no major US airlines that will hire 18 and 19 year olds as flight attendants. The minimum age to be a flight attendant is 20 or 21, depending on the airline. However, a number of airlines hire 18 and 19 year olds for other positions.

Do Alaska Airline employees fly for free?

Working for an airline has its perks. Alaska and Horizon Air employees, their parents and eligible dependents receive unlimited free standby travel on Alaska and Horizon, as well as discounted travel on other airlines.

Can you be a flight attendant at 15?

The minimum age required to be a flight attendant is 18 years old. Some airlines require you to be 19 or 20 when you apply, but none are allowed to require you to be over 21. After all, it seems most flight attendants are young. There is no maximum age to become a flight attendant.

How much does a flight attendant make at Horizon?

Average Horizon Air Flight Attendant yearly pay in United States is approximately $20,526, which is 38% below the national average.

Can FedEx employees travel for free?

FedEx lets people travel for free on company jets, which can take you anywhere in the world and you don’t have to worry about a flight being full like on a scheduled flight.

How old do you have to be to fly solo on Alaska Airlines?

Other airline policies, fees and age limits may differ from those of Alaska Airlines. Some airlines may not allow children traveling alone to be booked in the same reservation with Alaska Airlines flights. If a child’s itinerary includes flights other than Alaska Airlines, please check with that airline directly for their policies, fees and age restrictions.

Can you become a flight attendant for Alaska Airlines?

Alaska Airlines is a major airline based in the United States. If you are interested in becoming a flight attendant, this is a great option for you to consider applying. This guide will give you information about Alaska airlines, their salary, schedule, hubs and other information needed to become a flight attendant for them.

Is it good to work for Alaska Airlines?

Alaska Airlines has a reputation for being a great place to work as a flight attendant. They pay well, have great benefits and an amazing work environment. If you think you might be a good candidate for them and want to learn more, you should visit their site and apply now. Good luck!

How long has Alaska Airlines been in business?

Alaska Air has been in business since 1932 and has annual revenues of over $8 billion. To become a flight attendant with Alaska Airlines, you must first meet the basic requirements of a flight attendant.