How big are each of the Hawaiian Islands?

How big are each of the Hawaiian Islands?

main islands

Island Nickname Area
Hawaii The big island 4,028.0 square miles (10,432.5 km2)
maui Valley Island 727.2 square miles (1,883.4 km2)
Oʻahu The gathering place 596.7 square miles (1,545.4 km2)
Kauaʻi The garden island 552.3 square miles (1,430.5 km2)

How big is the Big Island of Hawaii compared to other states?

The entire state of Hawaii has a total of 6,422 square miles. The Big Island’s 4,028 square miles make up nearly 63% of the state’s total land mass. The Big Island is therefore larger than all the other islands combined. The Big Island is even larger than the states of Rhode Island and Delaware combined.

How many miles are the Hawaiian Islands?

1,523 miles
Hawaii is the most remote of all landmasses in the world. Formerly known as the Sandwich Islands, the Hawaiian Islands span a distance of 1,523 miles (2,451 km) from the Big Island of Hawaii in the southeast to Kure Atoll in the northwest. This makes Hawaii the longest chain of islands in the world.

What state is Hawaii comparable to in size?

The total area of ​​the islands is 28,313 km² (10,932 sq mi), while it is slightly smaller than Belgium (30,528 km²) or twice the size of the Bahamas. Compared to other US states, Hawaii is a little bigger than New Jersey, but it would fit 25 times Texas.

Which island in Hawaii is the most beautiful?

Kauai. Kauai’s lush greenery makes it the most beautiful of all the Hawaiian islands. It is home to waterfalls, hiking trails, and a variety of eco-adventures. Most travelers seek out Kauai to avoid the hustle and bustle of Oahu and Maui and have a more unplugged vacation experience.

What is the cheapest time of year to visit Hawaii?

Best time of year to visit Hawaii on a budget Flights to Hawaii are usually most expensive from mid-December to mid-April. In 2019, Skyscanner estimated flights would be cheapest in January and September and most expensive in June and December.

How many Hawaiis can fit in Alaska?

Alaska is great! You could fit Hawaii into Alaska 60 times! One-fifth the size of the Lower 48, Alaska is larger than Texas, California and Montana combined!

What is the least populated island in Hawaii?

Welcome to Lanai The smallest inhabited island that travelers can visit in Hawaii, Lanai offers great attractions to its visitors. Just 9 miles from Maui and yet halfway around the world, Lanai can feel like two places.

What is Hawaii’s most remote island?

The most remote island on this list, Lanai is the perfect place to take an all-terrain vehicle to places like Shipwreck Beach and Kaunolu Village, a prehistoric fishing village frequented by King Kamehameha I. Read more about the island’s history, visit the Lanai Culture & Heritage Center.

How big is the Big Island of Hawaii?

With an area of ​​4,028 square miles, the island of Hawaii, also known as the Big Island, is the largest in Hawaii, United States. The Hawaiian Islands are world famous for their excellent beaches, cliffs, rainforests, flora and fauna, unique culture, and more.

What are the islands of Hawaii called?

The state of Hawaii takes its name from the largest of the islands, located in the south of the archipelago. The eight main Hawaiian islands are Oahu, with the state capital Honolulu, Hawaii (Big Island), Maui, Kauai, Molokai, Lanai, Niihau and Kahoolawe. They are located at the southeast end of the island chain.

What is the smallest of the Hawaiian Islands?

Niihau has a total population of only 130 (as of 2009), most of whom are Native Hawaiians. Kahoolawe is the smallest of Hawaii’s main islands, with an area of ​​44 square miles (115 square kilometers). Like Niihau, Kahoolawe is arid.

How big is the island of Molokai in Hawaii?

It measures 260 square miles (10 miles wide and 38 miles long). Although small in size, Molokai has some of the tallest sea cliffs in the world and the longest barrier reef in Hawaii (which is also the only barrier reef north of Australia.