How can I participate in Live Travel Stories with Kelly and Ryan?

How can I participate in Live Travel Stories with Kelly and Ryan?

Each Entrant may choose to enter the Contest with a photo of themselves (“Photo”) submitted online or by mail, or Entrants may enter by mail without a photo (as further described in Section 3) to have a chance to play the “Travel Trivia Game” or “Instant Win Game” (defined below in Article 5) on the Show.

How much do Kelly and Ryan make per show?

The Hollywood Reporter said his salary tripled when he started earning $15 million per season, which he earned until the 14-year-old series ended in 2016. When he returned for the series reboot in 2018, Ryan reportedly started cashing in between $10 and $15. million.

Are Kelly and Ryan really friends?

Ryan is also incredibly close to Kelly’s family – including husband Mark Consuelos and children Michael, Lola and Joaquin, all of whom appear regularly on the ABC daytime show. In December, meanwhile, Kelly paid a sweet tribute to Ryan to mark his birthday, sharing a selection of playful photos of them together.

What is Kelly Ripa worth?

With a staggering net worth of $120 million, Kelly Ripa has definitely come a long way from her humble professional beginnings.

Did Ryan and Kelly date in real life?

In the same 2012 interview with Vulture, Novak said their real-life relationship often inspired Kelly and Ryan’s on the show. Ryan and Kelly getting engaged, I think it was sort of an expression of the relationship we were in. But he added that the couple’s true breakup did not reflect their characters.

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How to be a candidate on Kelly and Ryan?

If you’ve ever wanted to be a phone contestant on Live, here’s how. Just send a photo of yourself in the mail for a chance to be selected to play Kelly and Ryan’s Live Travel Trivia Game for a chance to win a fabulous vacation! Every day one lucky entrant will have the chance to spin the Travel Trivia prize wheel.

What are the prices for Kelly and Ryan Live?

The Kelly And Ryan LIVE @ Home Trivia contest. Live’s Oscar watch to win the contest. Watch the Oscars Watch-to-Win live and predict the winners for a chance to win prizes. One grand prize will receive a 9-day trip for two to London, England. retail value of the prize: up to 11,000 USD.

How to Win Live Kelly and Ryan Catch the Cat?

LIVE’s Catch the Cat Tune-In to Win Sweepstakes. Watch the show and keep an eye out for the “cat” that will appear holding a sign with the “word of the day”. Visit or Live and enter the correct word for a chance to win cash and free Cat Pride products.

When does the Kelly and Ryan dance contest end?

The Virtual Trivia Dancer competition runs from April 13, 2021 through July 20, 2021 at 11:59 p.m. ET. The Kelly and Ryan Dance voting period will run from September 7, 2021 through September 10, 2021 at 9 p.m. ET. To enter, go to and follow the instructions to upload your dance video. details here