How do I book a flight with assistance?

How do I book a flight with assistance?

If you require mobility assistance to help you through the airport, please request it after you have made your reservation, so that the service can be provided. If you already have a reservation with Air India, you can request mobility assistance through the reservation office from which you made your reservation/ticketing.

How can I get help at airports?

Please use a help desk to request assistance at the terminal. You can also call the support team direct on 020 8976 7054 (for Terminals 2, 3 and 4) or 020 8283 6415 (for Terminal 5) to arrange assistance from your vehicle or drop-off location.

Can someone help me at the airport?

An escort pass is very similar to a boarding pass. An airline check-in agent may issue an escort pass to a person with government-issued photo identification who wishes to accompany a minor child or disabled person, related to the age or not, at a boarding gate.

How does flight assistance work?

Provide assistance throughout the airport To assist you from the boarding gate of your connecting flight to your seat on the aircraft; and. Assist you from your aircraft seat on a flight arriving through the airport to the baggage claim area, terminal entrance or vehicle pick-up location.

How much do you tip for wheelchair assistance?

Wheelchair Service: If you or a member of your family require the services of a wheelchair attendant to get to or between gates and/or board or alight an aircraft, it is It is customary to tip this person $3 to $5 or more, depending on how long this person stays with you and how much help they provide.

What qualifies for pre-boarding?

Pre-boarding is available for customers who require a specific seat to accommodate their disability and/or who require assistance boarding the aircraft or stowing an assistive device. Customers traveling with service and emotional support animals are eligible for pre-boarding.

Can non-passengers enter OR Tambo?

South African airport terminals to reopen to non-passengers soon The OR Tambo International Airport terminal in Johannesburg will soon reopen to the public.

What are Travel Assistance Services?

Travel assistance is a term used in much of the world that refers to a service that provides assistance, primarily in the event of a medical emergency while travelling. The assistance program may be called first, or after the person has been taken to hospital by local emergency services.

Where can I find special assistance at the airport?

Many airports have a designated area in the departure lounge where you can wait for your flight to be called. Special assistance personnel can help you through the gate and onto the plane. They will also help you get to your seat and stow your hand luggage if needed.

How do I request additional assistance at the airport?

If you think you need additional assistance, contact us online through an accessibility service request in My Trips or by calling 404-209-3434. Seats at the front of the aircraft are assigned to customers with a fused or immobile leg, a service animal, or who require the use of an aisle chair.

Is there special assistance at Dublin Airport?

Dublin Airport is committed to providing accessibility and assistance for people with reduced mobility. Here you can find more information about the facilities available for passengers with reduced mobility and how to request assistance at the airport if needed.

What if you need help getting on your plane?

Vision aid. If you need assistance checking in or getting to your gate, please let a counter agent know. You can also request a courtesy wheelchair, arm assistance or directions when booking or at the airport.