How do I find my confirmation number for Southwest Airlines?

How do I find my confirmation number for Southwest Airlines?

If you do not have your confirmation number, call 1-800-I-FLY-SWA.

How can I find my flight reservation?

You can Google “airline name + Manage booking” or go to the airline’s homepage and search for the page or link called “Manage my booking” or “Manage booking” or any variation of that -this.

How do I check my flight history on Southwest?

You can retrieve information about a previously flown flight by logging into your account at Click on My Account then visit the My Trips tab. You will see your past trips and can get your flight purchase details by clicking on the trip name. Simply print this page as receipt.

Can I register on Southwest without my confirmation number?

Re: No confirmation number You need your confirmation number to register. Are you part of the quick rewards? If you do, you can log into your account and see your conformation number or you can call Southwest Airlines customer service and they will look up your conformation number for you.

Is the ticket number the same as the confirmation number?

A reservation has two important numbers: the confirmation number (or PNR/Record Locator) and the ticket number(s). A ticket number is personal and each passenger needs their own ticket to fly.

How can I find flight details?

You can follow the steps below to check your flight status after making a booking:

  • Log on to
  • Click on the Flight Status tab.
  • Enter the departure and arrival destination.
  • Enter your travel date and flight number.
  • Enter your PNR or booking reference number.

How do I link my Southwest flight?

To add your Rapid Rewards number to your booking on, click Flight/Hotel/Car at the top of the screen. Under Flight, select Manage Bookings. From there, search for your flight using one of the two available options and click Add Rapid Rewards number next to your name.

How can I check the status of my Southwest flight reservation?

By entering your booking details, you can easily find the updated flight booking status. First, open the airline’s website and proceed to the Manage Booking section of the website. Under the manage booking link or the manage flight booking link, enter the booking reference and the passenger’s full name.

How do you check your itinerary on Southwest Airlines?

Flight itineraries can also be accessed through the online account dashboard on the Southwest Airlines website. The Southwest Airlines Mobile App provides access to a passenger’s flight itinerary and allows a passenger to change a flight reservation, check in for a flight, and access a mobile boarding pass when his movements.

How can I book a flight with Southwest Airlines?

Find the right flight. You can book one-way or round-trip flights on for up to 8 passengers at a time. On the Air Booking page, it’s easy to do. Simply enter your trip details – origin, destination and travel dates and you’re on your way.

How do I reorder flights on Southwest Airlines?

For example, if price is the most important thing, click on the price column header to reorder the list from lowest to highest. Or maybe you just want to look at nonstop flights. You can rearrange this column or click the Nonstop box in the Refine Results area. Be sure to find the flight that suits your needs. The right price