How do I get an American Airlines lounge pass?

How do I get an American Airlines lounge pass?

Buy an annual subscription

  1. At any Admirals Club® store.
  2. On line.
  3. Call: 800-237-7971.

What credit card gives you access to the American Airlines lounge?

The Citi®/AAdvantage® Executive World Elite Mastercard® is the only credit card that offers Admirals Club membership just for carrying the card.

Can you pay to enter the Admirals Club?

You can purchase a day pass for yourself or another person online, as well as at select Admirals Club locations and at the airport’s self-service check-in kiosk for $59 each.

How much does lounge access cost?

If you don’t fly often, you can pay $299 for 10 free visits to airport lounges, with additional visits beyond that costing $32 each. Or you can buy a $99 subscription and then pay $32 each time you access an in-network airport lounge.

How much does lounge access cost on American Airlines?

Normally, to access American Airlines Admirals Club lounges, you must be: A paying member of the Admirals Club lounge (annual memberships can be up to $650 for individuals based on elite status, $1,250 for family memberships)

Where can I access the airport lounge?

More information on this in the airline lounge section. There are private airlines that allow you to pay for an annual subscription or a day pass. One of the most reputable networks is The Centurion Lounge from American Express. If you have an American Express Platinum card – it can be a business, corporate or personal card – you have access to it.

What is the best credit card for AA lounge access?

It makes much more sense to sign up for the Citi®/AAdvantage® Executive World Elite Mastercard®, as it includes Admirals Club membership for the primary cardholder, as well as access to Admirals Club (not a full membership) for authorized users.

Do you have access to the AMEX lounge?

Here are the personal cards that offer Amex Lounge access, along with some of the other travel rewards and benefits they offer. If you are a Platinum Card® cardholder from American Express, you get complimentary access to Amex lounge networks on the day of departure.