How do I redeem my Alaska Airlines voucher?

How do I redeem my Alaska Airlines voucher?

To redeem a discount code, type the code into the box marked discount code on the same page where you enter your cities and travel dates. Discount codes can be stored in your My Account profile to be viewed for later use.

Are Alaska Airlines companion fares refundable?

Due to COVID-19, Alaska Airlines is allowing free cancellation of flights. This also applies to the companion rate code. Generally, when you cancel a reservation that uses a companion rate code, that companion rate code is lost.

Can I use the American Airlines voucher on Alaska Airlines?

Use AAdvantage® miles to book reward travel on Alaska Airlines with oneworld® and partner airline rewards that allow you to travel to and from the destination of your choice using a combination of our participating airlines.

Do Alaska Wallet funds expire?

Finally, Alaska Wallet funds expire one year after the original travel date. By converting the funds into redeemable miles, you will have greater flexibility as the miles do not expire as long as there is activity on your account once every 24 months.

How often can you use the Alaska Companion Fare?

How often can you use the Alaska Companion Fare? The Alaska Airlines companion fare can only be used for a round-trip ticket. It is different from the Southwest Companion Pass, which offers reduced fares for more than one calendar year.

Can I transfer miles from American Airlines to Alaska Airlines?

You cannot transfer miles between frequent flyer programs and retain their value. You cannot transfer miles between Alaska Mileage Plan and American AAdvantage, but you can use Alaska Miles to book on American.

Can you transfer the Alaska Airline wallet to another person?

You may not redeem Wallet Credits through a travel agency or any other online travel source other than Wallet Credits are not refundable or transferable. They may not be sold, bartered, redeemed or exchanged except as permitted by these terms and conditions.

How do I use the companion fare on Alaska Airlines?

You can redeem your Companion Fare by selecting the Buy Now button in the Companion Fare & Discount Codes section of your My Account profile. This will automatically apply your companion rate code to the new booking. The discount will be reflected on the “Available Flights” and “Shopping Cart” pages.

Can you get an Alaska Airlines credit card?

You can potentially get both of these cards (e.g. I have both) and earn multiple certificates per year. There are two credit cards that offer companion rates in Alaska. Both the Alaska Airlines Visa® Business Credit Card and the Alaska Airlines Visa Signature® Card offer a companion rate of $121 per year.

Are there any blackout dates for Alaska companion fares?

Unlike most companion fares issued by airlines or credit card issuers, there are no blackout dates or special restrictions to worry about. All you need is two tickets available. The bad news is that this means you can’t combine the companion rate with other discounts, such as customer service credits or birthday specials.

What happens if I cancel my Alaska Airlines ticket?

Alaska has a fairly generous cancellation policy. MVP Gold and 75K elite members can change their ticket at any time without penalty. (This benefit does not apply to non-elite and regular MVP members in the same booking; they must pay $125.) However, canceling a ticket will forfeit the companion fare discount.