How do I reserve a wheelchair on US airlines?

How do I reserve a wheelchair on US airlines?

When booking on, choose “special assistance required” when filling in your passenger’s details, then on the requirements page you can:

  1. Request wheelchair service.
  2. Ask for individual assistance if you have a hearing, visual, cognitive or developmental disability.

How do I book a flight with assistance?

To use this service, please contact the carrier during the booking process or directly before the flight. You can do this by phone or by filling out a special form (among other things, you must provide information about the passenger’s state of health, including the need to provide him with a wheelchair).

Do airlines offer wheelchair assistance?

If you need wheelchair assistance to get off the plane, be aware that airlines usually provide this assistance after all other passengers have disembarked.

How can I get wheelchair assistance?

Call your airline and request wheelchair assistance at least 48 hours before your trip begins. If possible, call earlier. The customer service representative will place a ‘special assistance’ note in your reservation file and instruct your departure, arrival and transfer airports to provide a wheelchair.

How do I book a flight with a wheelchair?

If you wish to request a wheelchair, you must submit your request at the time of booking/reservation. If you are bringing your own wheelchair, inform the airline authorities of the size, weight and type of wheelchair at the time of booking.

How much do you tip for wheelchair assistance at the airport?

Wheelchair Service: If you or a member of your family require the services of a wheelchair attendant to get to or between gates and/or board or alight an aircraft, it is It is customary to tip this person $3 to $5 or more, depending on how long this person stays with you and the assistance they provide.

Who can benefit from special assistance at the airport?

Special assistance is available for passengers who may need assistance in travelling, such as the elderly, those with physical disabilities, such as those in wheelchairs, and those with interaction difficulties social and communication skills, such as people with autism or dementia.

How do I get special assistance at the airport?

If you require mobility assistance to help you through the airport, please request it after you have made your reservation, so that the service can be provided. If you already have a reservation with Air India, you can request mobility assistance through the reservation office from which you made your reservation/ticketing.

How much do you tip a wheelchair user at the airport?

How to fly with a disability?

Airlines are also required to provide passengers with disabilities with many types of assistance, including a wheelchair or other guided assistance to board, disembark or connect to another flight; assistance with seating arrangements that meet the needs of passengers with disabilities; and help with loading and securing …

How do I request wheelchair assistance at the airport before departure?

How do I request wheelchair assistance from United Airlines?

You must call United at +1 (800) 228-2744 to request wheelchair assistance. Be ready with your flight number and date of travel or confirmation/PNR code (6 digits). O’Hare is a United hub and you should be able to connect.

How do I request assistance on an American Airlines flight?

You can also request a courtesy wheelchair, arm assistance or directions when booking or at the airport. We can help customers with cognitive and developmental disabilities get on and off the plane and to a connecting flight.

Do you have to use a wheelchair to change planes?

If you need to change planes, your airline must provide wheelchair assistance for your connection. Regulations vary in other countries, but most major airlines offer some type of wheelchair assistance. Here are the best ways to request and use wheelchair assistance at the airport.