How do I transfer my cosmetology license to Hawaii?

How do I transfer my cosmetology license to Hawaii?

You must have a current cosmetology license that is at least one year old. You must complete 600 hours of a board-approved instructor training program. You must complete and submit an Instructor License Application and register with the board testing agency which is Prometric.

How long does it take to get a cosmetology license in Hawaii?

Attending a beauty school is the most traditional route to a cosmetology license in Hawaii. If you choose to train at a beauty school, you will need to complete at least 1800 hours of training.

How many hours does a cosmetologist need in Hawaii?

1800 Hours
Hawaii School of Cosmetology Hours of Operation

Type Terms
Beautician License 1800 Hours / 3600 Learning
Barber license 1500 Hours / 1500 Apprenticeship
hairdresser license 1250 Hours / 2500 Learning
Beautician License 600 Hours / 1200 Learning

How to Become a Licensed Esthetician in Hawaii?

Esthetician License Requirements and Training Schools in Hawaii

  1. Graduated from the school of aesthetics in Hawaii.
  2. Submit a beauty operator exam and license application.
  3. Register and pass the Prometric written exam.
  4. Start your career as an esthetician in Hawaii.
  5. Renew your license every two years.

Does Hawaii have cosmetology license reciprocity?

Cosmetology License Reciprocity (Transfer) in Hawaii Hawaii does not have reciprocity. You can get a temporary permit to work under someone while waiting for the written exam, if you meet these criteria.

How do I get my nail tech license in Hawaii?

Becoming a nail tech in Hawaii requires you to do the following:

  1. Complete 350 hours of formal training.
  2. Complete the Hawaii Nail Technician exams.
  3. Renew your license every 2 years.

Can I use my California Cosmetology license in Hawaii?

Cosmetology License Reciprocity (Transfer) in Hawaii Hawaii does not have reciprocity. If you are from another state, you must provide proof that you have met educational requirements equivalent to or greater than Hawaii’s requirements.

Does Cosmetology include hair?

What is Cosmetology? Cosmetology is the art and science of beautifying hair, nails and skin. Specific cosmetology disciplines include hairstyling (haircutting and coloring), esthetics (skin care), makeup application, nail care (manicures and pedicures), and other beauty treatments.

Do you need a license to do eyelash extensions in Hawaii?

Does a participant have to attend a training workshop in eyelash extensions, organized only at the school of aesthetics, cosmetology or barber? This sows confusion. The State of Hawaii does not offer an eyelash extension “licensing program” at this time.

When do you renew your cosmetology license in Hawaii?

You will renew your license on December 31 every two years in odd-numbered years. They MUST be renewed by December 31, and you can renew online by following the instructions to create an account with the Professional Vocational Licensing Board (MyPVL), log in and renew your license.

How long does it take to get a cosmetology license?

Licensing Requirements for Cosmetology To obtain a cosmetology license, you will need to prove to the appropriate licensing body that you are ready to enter the field as a professional. Cosmetology training, which can take up to two years, is both preparation and a requirement for applying for licensure.

What kind of job can you get in Hawaii as a cosmetologist?

The Hawaii Barbering and Cosmetology Board classifies all personal care providers in the beauty industry as “beauty operators,” including cosmetologists. As a cosmetologist in Hawaii, your job will be to use your creativity and skills to focus primarily on hairstyling, facials, and manicure services.

How do I request license verification in Hawaii?

License Verification Request License verification can be completed online free of charge using our license search site at You or the requesting organization will be able to obtain information such as original license date, license expiration date, license status, disciplinary actions, etc.