How do I use my Buddy Pass on Alaska Airlines?

How do I use my Buddy Pass on Alaska Airlines?

You can redeem your Companion Fare by selecting the Buy Now button in the Companion Fare & Discount Codes section of your My Account profile. This will automatically apply your companion rate code to the new booking. The discount will be reflected on the “Available Flights” and “Shopping Cart” pages.

How does a buddy pass work?

Buddy passes are non-paying reserve tickets provided as a benefit to all airline employees. Employees then share these passes with friends and family. Although there are no flight fees (not payable), the passenger using the buddy pass must pay the taxes, fees and charges for each leg of the flight.

How do I get a buddy pass?

How do I get a Buddy Pass? To travel with a buddy pass, you will need to ask a friend or family member who works for an airline if you can use a buddy pass. They will add you to their friend list and reserve a place in the queue on a specific flight.

What is the friends and family discount for Alaska Airlines?

Alaska Airlines has released a special discount code for Alaskans to offer to friends and family who want to visit the Last Frontier this summer. Discounted fares of up to 21% are available for purchase at using discount code FLY2AK21.

Is it illegal to sell friend passes?

The sale of buddy passes is absolutely prohibited by the airlines that issue them, because they are not intended to be instruments from which employees should take advantage. Airline employees are not allowed to sell their buddy passes under any circumstances.

Can I buy a buddy pass?

You cannot buy a buddy pass from an airline, you can only get it from an airline employee. Buddy passes are not meant to be sold for profit, you are only meant to pay taxes on the flight you wish to take and nothing more. For example, if the taxes on a buddy pass are $150.00, that’s all you have to pay.

How does the 24-hour buddy pass work?

Buddy Pass Bring who you want*, when you want with the added flexibility of a Buddy Pass. A Buddy Pass lets you bring the same guest or someone new with you every time you work out at a 24-hour fitness center. Add one to your cart when you register online !

Can I use two discount codes on Alaska?

Only one discount code can be applied per booking.

What should you know about Buddy Passes?

Do I need a guest pass to travel with Alaska Airlines?

Employee travel privileges also include discounts on other airlines. Alaksa Airlines employees travel via Guest Pass. To use a Guest Pass, you must have an Alaska Airlines Guest Pass discount code. This code will allow you and up to 5 other passengers to purchase stand-by tickets at a reduced rate.

How do I get a standby ticket on Alaska Airlines?

Passengers eligible for a Guest Pass (usually airline employees and their friends and families) Departure.

How do I use the companion fare on Alaska Airlines?