How do you become an aircraft safety inspector?

How do you become an aircraft safety inspector?

To work as an inspector, it is usually necessary for professionals to obtain an aviation inspector license. Inspectors must have been A&P certified for at least three years and have at least 24 months of experience before earning the FAA Authorized Inspector designation.

How Much Do Aviation Safety Inspectors Earn?

Average Airline Safety Inspector Salary Airline safety inspectors in America earn an average salary of $80,854 per year or $39 per hour. The top 10% earn more than $119,000 per year, while the bottom 10% earn less than $54,000 per year.

What is the role of an aviation safety inspector?

They inspect maintenance, manufacturing, repair and operating procedures and also certify pilots, flight instructors, flight examiners, repair facilities and aviation schools. They are responsible for the quality and safety of aircraft equipment and personnel.

How Do I Get an FAA Flight Attendant Certificate?

Certification Requirements

  1. Be 18 or older.
  2. Have a high school diploma or higher education.
  3. Be a citizen or eligible to work in the United States.
  4. Take a background test.
  5. Pass a drug test.
  6. Have at least 20/40 correctable vision.
  7. Meet other requirements set by the airline (height, tattoos, piercings, etc.)

How do I put FAA on my CV?

What you should include in your CV…

  1. Position title (include series and rank if Federal)
  2. Tasks (detailed task description – this should include what you did, how you did it and the result)
  3. Examples of specialized experience in your work history totaling at least one full year.

How long is the FAA Academy?

two to five months
The FAA Academy typically takes two to five months, depending on your experience. It then takes another two to four years of on-the-job training to achieve full certification.

What is a Civil Aviation Inspector?

They regulate and oversee Canada’s national air transportation system. To do their job well, civil aviation inspectors need to keep up to date with the latest regulations and technologies.

What is an avionics inspector?

Aircraft maintenance inspectors are qualified individuals who are charged by an approved maintenance organization (AMO) with ensuring that an aeronautical product is fit and safe in accordance with the standards established by the designer, operator and/or manufacturer of the aeronautical product.

What type of training do you need to be a cabin safety inspector?

The FAA requires cabin safety inspectors to have at least a high school diploma or GED. As a government agency, the FAA ranks potential applicants on a graduated scale that takes into account work experience and special skills, such as flight and maintenance experience.

What Kind of Degree Do You Need to Become an FAA Safety Inspector?

Pursue an aircraft mechanic or engineering degree from an aviation maintenance school. These are usually located in technical colleges. You will need to pass a 3-part FAA exam, including a written, oral, and practical test. Gain the required experience by working in aviation.

What does it take to become an avionics inspector?

Avionics candidates apply to inspect repair facilities and training programs. They must be able to demonstrate that they have avionics experience on aircraft over 12,500 pounds. They must also have experience in avionics maintenance and/or repair within the last 3 years.

What do you need to know about cabin safety?

Inform the flight crew of abnormal situations observed in the cabin or relating to the aircraft, such as pressurization problems, engine anomalies, and contamination of critical surfaces; Prevent unlawful interference and manage passenger events that may compromise flight safety and security, such as hijackings.