How do you say poop in Hawaiian?

How do you say poop in Hawaiian?

Hawaiian Dictionaries. nm Feces, faeces, faeces. See below for many compounds formed with kukae; lepo, dirt, is sometimes an understatement.

What does Ah mean in Hawaiian?

Aloha (Ah-LOW-ha) – hello, goodbye. Can also mean love, kindness, compassion and affection. Aloha is considered one of the core values ​​of Hawaiian culture – the Aloha spirit is the guide to the relaxed way of life in Hawaii. E komo mai (eh-COH-mo MY) – welcome, come in. ‘olu’olu (OH-loo OH-loo) – please.

What is the meaning of the Hawaiian word Kokua?

to help
Kokua. Pronounced: (Koh-KOO-ah) Kokua is a word meaning “to help”, and it is frequently combined with the word “mahalo” to form “mahalo for your kokua”. In English, the phrase would translate to “thank you for your compliance,” and it often refers to not littering or helping to keep an area clean.

What is a Hawaiian girl’s name?

The word “wahine” came to English in the late 18th century from Maori, the language of a Polynesian people originally from New Zealand; it was originally used for a Maori woman, specifically a wife. The word is also used for a woman in Hawaiian and Tahitian, although it is spelled “vahine” in the latter.

What does Da Kine mean in Hawaiian?

this genre
DA KINE (dä kīn) An expression used in reference to someone or something; “this genre.” “The Da kine shave ice that I like is the rainbow.”

What does aloha mean?

Hello welcome
Aloha is a form of greeting, to say hello, welcome. But it’s also a form of farewell, or saying goodbye. It is also used as an expression of love and affection. But more than just a word, aloha is also a way of life.

What is the meaning of aloha Nui Loa?

all my Love
Aloha nui loa (“new ee down a”) or “all my love” in Hawaiian.

What does Moana mean in Hawaiian?

large body of water
According to SheKnows, Moana means “large body of water” in Hawaiian and Maori (a Polynesian language). With seafaring and the ocean playing such important roles in Moana, the name not only represents the heroine Moana, but the larger themes of the film as well.

Why do Hawaiians say brah?

One of the most common Hawaiian pidgin terms is brah, meaning “brother.” And, as you might have guessed, a brah doesn’t have to be your blood brother.

What are the most common words in Hawaii?

If you plan to visit or live in Hawaii, you will need to know how to pronounce the following commonly used words and phrases. Click the “Play” button to hear these common Hawaiian words spoken by a Hawaiian language specialist. Language, language. affectionate love; greeting, greeting; Good morning!

What is the Hawaiian phrase until we meet again?

A hui hou – Until we meet again A phrase similar to “see you soon”. You can also hear her sing at a lū’au concert instead of “encore!”. 5. How so? – How are you? This Hawaiian expression is also used in South Africa and means “what’s up?” “. You might hear this word used alongside braddah, the colloquial term for brother. 6. Honu – Green Turtle

What’s the best way to say hello in Hawaii?

Use Aloha kakahiaka to say “good morning”, Aloha “auinalā” for “good afternoon” and Aloha ahiahi for “good evening”. 2. Mahalo – Thank You Show your gratitude with the Hawaiian phrase mahalo. If you feel very grateful, use mahalo nui loa (pronounced mah-hah-loh noo-ee) for “thank you very much.”

What are the Hawaiian words for “birthday”?

Birthday Lahanau Os Iwi Breadfruit `Ulu Brother Kaikua`ana Canoe Wa`a Candle nut Kukui Celebration Ho`olaule`a Singing, singing Mele, oli Chicken Moa Chief Ali`i Child Keiki Cliff Pali Coconut tree Kumu nui Colleague Makamaka Come Hele May Cousin Hoahanau Cowboy Paniolo Dance Hula Girl Kaikamahine Day The Dead Make December Kekemapa Divinity