How long does it take to walk the Santa Fe Trail?

How long does it take to walk the Santa Fe Trail?

8 to 10 weeks
How long did it take to walk the Trail? For most people, it took 8-10 weeks to travel by railcar between Independence or Westport, Missouri and Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Why was the Santa Fe Trail dangerous?

There were a few hazards attached to this very lucrative business. Disasters could result from unsafe water supplies, prairie fires, and attacks by wild Indians. The Santa Fe Trail wound through some of the most warlike tribes to be found in North America.

What were the conditions on the Santa Fe Trail?

While some travelers made the trip uneventful, the unforgiving climate, disease, mechanical breakdowns, starvation, dehydration, and the potential for violent encounters created a series of challenges to be faced and overcome. While some got richer, others lost their fortune, their health or their life.

Where does the Santa Fe trailhead end?

Covering approximately 800 miles, the Santa Fe Trail extends from Independence, Missouri to present-day Santa Fe, New Mexico. The trail originally started in Franklin, Missouri, but the trailhead was moved to Fort Osage and, in 1827, to Independence.

What is the main purpose of the Santa Fe Trail?

The Santa Fe Trail was created to transport goods from Kansas City to Santa Fe, New Mexico and to trade with the Spanish. In the early 1820s, wagon trains were sent down this route (Santa Fe Trail) from the Missouri River to Santa Fe, NM.

What landmarks are on the Santa Fe Trail?

Trail landmarks to visit

  • Santa Fe National Historic Trail. Rabbit Ear Mountain.
  • Santa Fe National Historic Trail.
  • Santa Fe National Historic Trail.
  • Santa Fe National Historic Trail.
  • Santa Fe National Historic Trail.
  • Santa Fe National Historic Trail.
  • Pawnee Rock State Historic Site.
  • Santa Fe National Historic Trail.

What did they trade on the Santa Fe Trail?

Explore the Santa Fe Trail through a sample of the goods that traveled between the United States and Mexico in the 1800s. Furs, woolen fleeces and woven goods, silver, and mules traveled from Mexico for trade in the United States. Millions of dollars worth of goods traveled this 900 mile international trade route.

Why is it called the Santa Fe Trail?

The Santa Fe Trail (aka Santa Fe Road) was an ancient passage used regularly after 1821 by traders from Missouri who brought manufactured goods to Santa Fe to exchange them for furs and other items available there. Mexican traders also provided caravans traveling to western Missouri in this international trade.

How to get to the Santa Fe Trail?

A family of trail signs have been launched on the Santa Fe Trail to help you find original routes, trail crossings, and local sites. Follow the signs displaying the distinctive Santa Fe Trail National Historic Trail logo.

Where are the swales on the Santa Fe trail?

Nine miles west of Dodge City, stop and walk on the concrete path leading to the prairie so you can see the tracks of the Santa Fe Trail. These are the most clearly defined “swales” or wide ruts along the trail still visible. Look west, you can see the ridges and dips in the field, those are the depressions.

When did the Santa Fe Trail start and end?

The top left menu lists the functions you can assign to the map – measure distance, create a printable map, etc. Explore the trail over time with this series of maps. William Becknell opened the Santa Fe Trail, between the Missouri River and the Mexican provincial capital of Santa Fe, in the fall of 1821.

Who was on the Santa Fe Trail in Colorado?

The Santa Fe Trail between Missouri and Santa Fe in what was once Mexico crossed the southeast corner of Colorado. This reliable route has been traveled by a host of fortune-seeking individuals, including “Wild” Bill Hickok, pioneer Kit Carson, Jedediah Smith and explorer Zebulon Pike.