How long is a flight from Japan to Hawaii?

How long is a flight from Japan to Hawaii?

The average duration of a direct flight is 8 hours 3 minutes. The fastest direct flight between Japan and Hawaii takes 8 hours 3 minutes.

How far is it from Hawaii to Japan by flight?

The distance from Hawaii to Japan is 6,625 kilometers. This airlift distance is equal to 4,117 miles. The air travel (bird fly) shortest distance between Hawaii and Japan is 6,625 km = 4,117 miles. If you travel by plane (the average speed of which is 560 miles) from Hawaii to Japan, it takes 7.35 hours to arrive.

How far is it from California to Japan?

As for Los Angeles, California, the average flight time to Tokyo is around 11-12 hours. These values ​​are for non-stop flights only. Well, with this information, you only have an overall idea of ​​how long it takes to fly in Japan, but we all know that long-distance flights usually have a ladder or two in the way.

Is Hawaii halfway to Japan?

Hawaii is the most isolated population center on the face of the earth. Hawaii is 2,390 miles from California; 3,850 miles from Japan; 4,900 miles from China; and 5,280 miles from the Philippines. From east to west, Hawaii is the largest state in the United States.

What is the best airport to fly from Japan to Hawaii?

Tokyo Narita, Tokyo Haneda, Osaka Kansai and Nagoya are some of the international airports in Japan that offer flights to Honolulu Hawaii. Honolulu International Airport is where most visitors will fly to when traveling to Hawaii.

How far is Hawaii from Japan?

Distances from Hawaii to cities. Hawaii. Distance. Distance between Hawaii and Japan. 6,625 km. Distance between Hawaii and Kawagoe. 6,516 km. Distance between Hawaii and Yugawara. 6,559 kilometres.

How long is a flight from Honolulu to Tokyo?

How long is a flight from Honolulu to Tokyo? Nonstop flights from Honolulu to Tokyo take between 8 and 10 hours depending on the airline you choose. The fastest layover flight between Honolulu and Tokyo takes nearly 13 hours.

Is it cheaper to fly from Hawaii to Japan with Hacker fares?

Hacker Fares lets you combine one-way tickets to save you money compared to a traditional return ticket. You could then fly to Japan on one airline and return to Hawaii on another airline. What is KAYAK’s “flexible dates” feature and why should I care when searching for Hawaii-Japan flights?