How many points do you need to travel to Hawaii?

How many points do you need to travel to Hawaii?

Main cabin

TO: Off-Peak MileSAaver MileSaaver
48 contiguous U.S. states and Canada (≤ 500 miles) ^ 7,500
Alaska 15,000
Hawaii 20,000 22,500
Caribbean 12,500 15,000

Are Southwest flights to Hawaii comfortable?

Southwest currently flies its ETOPS-certified Boeing 737-800 on Hawaiian routes. Personally, I find the aircraft to be a very comfortable flight for a single-aisle aircraft. Our flight had the new, slim interior seats that give 32 to 33 inches of legroom.

How much does it cost to board a Southwest flight to Hawaii?

According to TPG ratings, you’ll typically receive 1.5 cents per Southwest Point to flights, so if you find a $600 return flight to Honolulu, you can expect to pay around 40,000 Southwest Points. For the flight. However, Southwest has frequent sales, which makes the cash price and the attribution price much lower.

How many points do I need for a Southwest Airlines flight?

Wrap. Unlike other airlines that charge between 25,000 and 35,000 miles for a domestic flight, when redeeming a free flight on Southwest Airlines, the number of points varies depending on the cash price of the flight. This makes Southwest one of the best options for redeeming points when booking low cost flights.

How many points does it take to get to Hawaii from Los Angeles?

Here, a round-trip flight from Los Angeles (LAX) to Honolulu in July costs 28,073 points or ~$425 in cash. Southwestern points are also relatively easy to earn. There are currently five Southwest credit cards with big welcome bonuses. Three are personal cards:

What is the best airline to fly to Hawaii with points?

Turkish Airlines is a member of Star Alliance, which allows you to book United Airlines award flights with Turkish miles. Here are his award prizes from anywhere in the lower 48 in Hawaii: 15,000 miles round trip in economy class. 25,000 miles round trip in business class (United Airlines first class)