How many tourists drown in Hawaii each year?

How many tourists drown in Hawaii each year?

Most (84%) of fatal drownings in Hawaii have occurred in the ocean. Snorkeling was the most common activity, associated with 27% of all drownings at sea and 42% of those among non-residents….

X Not deadly
2015 112
2016 58
2017 53

What is the leading cause of death in Hawaii?

Hawaii State Statistics

HI Leading causes of death, 2017 Deaths Assess***
1. Heart disease 2,575 129.8
2. Cancer 2,456 128.6
3. Stroke 764 37.5
4. Flu/Pneumonia 637 29.6

Is Hawaii a gun-friendly state?

By law, Hawaii is an open-licensed transport state, but because licenses are rarely issued, the state is non-permissive for open transport in practice.

What is the most beautiful place in Hawaii?

Top 10 Most Scenic Spots in Hawaii

  • View of the Waipio Valley: Big Island.
  • Top of Mauna Kea at sunset: Big Island.
  • Waimea Canyon: Kauai.
  • Kee Beach: Kauai.
  • Garden of the Gods: Lanai.
  • Road to Hana: Maui.
  • Haleakala: Maui.
  • Kalaupapa: Molokai.

How many times does a tourist die in Hawaii?

On average, nearly one tourist dies a week in Hawaii, according to a special report by Honolulu Civil Beat, usually during common vacation activities such as swimming, snorkeling and hiking. Many more suffer serious injuries, including spinal cord injuries.

How many people die from drowning in Hawaii?

Hawaii’s visitor drowning rate – 5.7 per 1 million visitor arrivals – dwarfs those of states like North Carolina and Florida, where drowning rates are 0.5 and 0, respectively. 9 drownings per 1 million visitors. Drowning has been the leading cause of fatal injury among visitors for decades.

What is the most common cause of death in Hawaii?

Drowning is by far the leading cause of death among tourists in Hawaii, and snorkeling is the most common activity that results in visitor drowning. State health department records over the past decade show the drowning rate for Hawaii visitors is 13 times the national average and 10 times the rate for Hawaii residents.

What are the latest tourism statistics for Hawaii?

We’ll cover the latest tourism trends on the Hawaiian Islands and provide a series of charts and summary data to give you a good idea of ​​what’s happening in numbers. The graph opposite shows the total ARRIVAL data in 2018 on each island (including multi-destination/island arrivals).