How much are roundtrip tickets to Hawaii?

How much are roundtrip tickets to Hawaii?

Round-trip flights to Hawaii from the continental United States range from $250 to over $2,000, with prices varying depending on the time of year, airport, airline and service. reservation. In economy class, return tickets between most American cities and Honolulu cost between 500 and 800 dollars.

What are the cheapest days to fly to Hawaii?

The cheapest day to fly to Hawaii is a Tuesday or Wednesday.

What is the cheapest Hawaiian island to visit?

Oahu is the cheapest Hawaiian island to visit, with a total cost of $2,625. A lagoon at the Ko Olina Resort in Oahu.

How much does a trip to Hawaii cost?

In our many trips to Hawaii, we’ve spent as low as $575 and as high as $1,250 per person.) West-Coast – $475 per person (We’ve seen rates as low as $258 on a sale fares.) To estimate your flight costs: ______ cost per person x ______ number of travelers = ______ estimated cost of flights

How much is a flight from the East Coast to Hawaii?

Here is the estimated cost of a round trip flight to Hawaii, depending on where you are coming from: East Coast to Hawaii – $875 per person Mid-West – $725 per person West Coast – $460 per person these are only estimates! To help you save money on your flight, see the money-saving tips section below.

Where can I find cheap flights to Hawaii?

But even some East Coast cities offer reasonably priced itineraries to Hawaii, including Boston, New York, Atlanta, and Charlotte. Who takes these routes? Delta, United, Alaska and Hawaiian are the most likely to offer inexpensive direct flights.

How much does a flight from Portland to Hawaii cost?

Flights from Portland were also surprisingly affordable, starting at just $311 for a nonstop flight on Hawaiian. The more specialized airports — like Anchorage, Alaska (ANC) and Jackson Hole, Wyo (JAC), had much more expensive flights — up to $725 per round trip.