How much do PSA airline pilots earn?

How much do PSA airline pilots earn?

Pilot compensation at PSA Airlines ranges from $21,357.00 per year for a new co-pilot to $86,805.00 per year for a senior captain.

Is PSA Airlines a good company to work for?

A decent company to work for.

What is the salary of a pilot?

The average pilot salary can vary from INR 1.21 Lakhs per year to INR 90 Lakhs per year. The bonus ranges from around INR 10,000 to INR 9.86 Lakhs per year. A pilot employed in Indian Army and Indian Navy can earn between INR 5 Lakhs per year to INR 8 Lakhs per year.

How to become a PSA driver?

First Officer Hiring Requirements

  1. FAA commercial pilot license with multi-engine and instrument ratings.
  2. 50 hours of multi-engine fixed-wing flight time (can be reduced to 25)
  3. 200 flight hours across the country.
  4. 250 fixed-wing PIC hours.
  5. 100 hours of cross as PIC.
  6. 100 hours of night flight.

How long does the PSA flight attendant training last?

Your four weeks of paid training will take place in Dayton, Ohio.

Is PSA safe?

PSA Airlines has an unwavering commitment to safety, which is at the forefront of every decision we make. Running a safe and reliable operation is key to our success, and we are proud to have safely transported over 14.2 million customers on over 269,500 PSA flights in 2018.

How much do I get paid with PSA Airlines?

1 PSA Airlines is a 100% subsidiary of the American Airlines group 2 New! 3 $18,000 in paid hours over two years (FO and CA ranking); $10,000 paid after 1st year, $8,000 paid after 2nd year

How much does a pilot earn per hour?

A pilot’s hourly rate increases for each year they work for an airline. The hourly rate range also changes by airline and aircraft type. For example, an experienced captain flying an A350 for Delta can expect to earn $354 per hour. Delta pays a junior first officer $92 an hour.

What are the benefits of being a PSA pilot?

As a PSA pilot, you will be part of a growing, close-knit and passionate team, flying exclusively for American Airlines. You’ll receive industry-leading starting salaries, unmatched advancement opportunities and benefits that few other regionals can match.

How much do regional airline pilots earn?

The salary of regional airlines is generally lower than that of major airlines. The major airlines are made up of well-known names, such as American Airlines, Delta, United Airlines ® and freight carriers FedEx and UPS. Pilots work many years to be hired by a major airline and rarely leave one to work for another.