How much does a charter flight cost?

How much does a charter flight cost?

The cost of chartering an aircraft can range from $1,200 to $10,000 per billable flight hour. This range includes a wide variety of aircraft, from small turboprops to the most expensive luxury business jets. Aside from the hourly airfare, there are many factors that affect private jet charter rates.

Can a private jet fly to Hawaii?

The runway at Honolulu International Airport on the island of Oahu, also known as Daniel K. Inouye International Airport (HNL) can accommodate all types of private jets, from small turboprops to large VIP airliners; and from Honolulu you can fly to all of the Hawaiian Islands.

How much does a private charter flight cost?

According to private jet charter company Air Charter Service, you can expect to pay between $1,300 and $3,000 per flight hour to charter a turboprop or smaller jet, which typically seats 4 to 6 passengers. ; between $4,000 and $8,000 per flight hour for a medium-sized jet, which generally accommodates up to 9 passengers…

Are charter flights expensive?

Price: Charter flights tend to be cheaper than commercial flights. Even so, travelers should still compare charter flight fares with commercial airline fares. However, charters tend to reduce unsold seats close to the departure date. Less hassle: Charter flights are usually direct.

How much does a private jet cost from Seattle to Hawaii?

The estimated cost of a private jet from Seattle to Honolulu (one way) is as follows: Mid-size jet: from $42,440. Super midsize jet: from $51,810.

Can a Lear jet fly from California to Hawaii?

BJS/Flexjet deploys its Lear 60s fairly regularly in Hawaii. A super medium or heavy jet like the Challenger 300 or the Gulfstream IV are the two aircraft in our fleet that are certified to fly to Hawaii on a charter flight.

How much does it cost to charter a jet to Hawaii?

If you are departing from the San Diego area, the price for a charter flight to Hawaii starts at around $65,000. The cost varies depending on the number of nights you will stay there. A seven-day, six-night trip in the Gulfstream IV, for example, would cost more — closer to $85,000. To get the best value, plan a six-day, five-night trip.

Where to charter a private jet to Maui?

Keep in mind that every trip is unique and we can only provide a firm quote once we have flight details, dates and times. Kahului Airport (PHOG/OGG) Fly directly to Maui by chartering a private jet with You’ll land in Kahului, North Maui, conveniently located near the island’s main shopping district.

How much does a private jet flight cost?

The cost of the charter flight depends on the size of the plane, the distance and places you are traveling, the duration of the trip and other factors. Get an instant quote on private jet charter prices with our flight cost calculator or view our charts below for more details.

Are there any private jets that fly to Hawaii?

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