How much does a Hawaii cruise cost?

How much does a Hawaii cruise cost?

The cost depends on the duration of the trip, the cruise line and the choice of cabin. Typical Costs: Cruises that depart from Honolulu and sail around the islands of Maui, Kauai, Kona, and Hilo for 7-11 days typically cost between $1,000-$1,920 for an interior room per person, based on double occupancy, depending departure date and cruise line.

How much does a 7 day Hawaiian cruise cost?

Cheap cruises to Hawaii

Duration Price from
7 Nights $1,721 per person (double occupancy)

Can you cruise from the USA to Hawaii?

Which cruise lines go to Hawaii? Given the popularity of this island tourist destination, surprisingly few cruise lines offer Hawaii cruises. If you don’t mind spending consecutive days at sea, Princess, Carnival and Holland America all offer 15-night (or longer) cruises from California to Hawaii.

How long is a cruise from Florida to Hawaii?

seven to 12 days
Pacific Northwest Cruises These voyages last from 7 to 12 days and all involve five consecutive days of sea crossing from the Hawaiian Islands to the west coast of Canada.

Is it cheaper to go to Hawaii or the Caribbean?

Price points. Generally, given the longer air transit time (6 hours from Los Angeles) and the higher cost of living, a trip to Hawaii will cost more than a Caribbean getaway. Again, it all depends on where you’re from, but overall you’ll get more for your money in the Caribbean.

How long does it take to sail from California to Hawaii?

Round-Trip Itineraries from California to Hawaii Round-trip cruises from California ports to Hawaii start at 14 days, which ranges from nine or ten full days at sea as bookends to four or more days island-hopping .

Where do Hawaiian cruises depart from?

There are 7 departure ports for cruises in Hawaii: Honolulu, Los Angeles, New York, New Zealand, San Diego, San Francisco, Sydney, Tokyo and Vancouver.

What is the best month to go on a cruise in Hawaii?

The shoulder or off-season for Hawaii cruises is between May and June, then September through mid-December. If you want to enjoy an affordable Hawaiian vacation with great weather, shoulder season is the best time of year to sail to Hawaii.

Is there a good deal on a Hawaii cruise?

Cruising Hawaii during shoulder season (before or after peak season) can also be a great way to find a cruise. Tripadvisor provides access to more than 70,000 cruise deals by offering prices for each type of cabin offered on the largest selection of cruises.

How much does a flight to Hawaii cost?

If you don’t have time or don’t know where to look for flights online, here are the approximate numbers for your flight (including taxes and fees): 1 East Coast to Hawaii – $900 per person 2 Mid-West to Hawaii – $750 per person 3 from West Coast to Hawaii – $475 per person

Where are the cruise ships that go to Hawaii?

Most Hawaii cruises use the same limited number of ports: Honolulu on Oahu; Hilo and Kona in Hawaii (the Big Island); the port of Kahului or Lahaina in Maui; and the Port of Nawiliwili on Kauai. Small-ship cruise line UnCruise sets sail to smaller ports, such as Molokai, Lanai and Olowalu in West Maui. Where do Hawaii cruises depart from?

How much does it cost to stay in a hotel in Hawaii?

The cost of accommodation will vary mainly depending on the type of property you opt for, from budget to luxury. You can pay as low as $150 per night, per person, up to $525 and more.