How much does a Hawaii cruise cost?

How much does a Hawaii cruise cost?

While Hawaiian cruise prices vary by cruise line, on a typical 14-day sail you can expect to pay anywhere from $1,200 to $4,500 (and more), which works out to around $85 to $321 per day.

Can you cruise around Hawaii?

Many cruises start, end or end in Hawaii, but only one encompasses the Hawaiian Islands from start to finish, Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) Pride of America. This cruise makes it easy to visit four islands in eight days! No flying is required and unboxing only takes place once.

Which cruise lines tour the Hawaiian Islands?


  • Pride of America.
  • Norwegian spirit.

Is a cruise the best way to see Hawaii?

And believe it or not, cruising is a surprisingly cost-effective way to explore Hawaii. Norwegian’s 14-day cruise to Hawaii (yes, the one that also includes a getaway to the islands of French Polynesia) starts at $846 per person. Another point to see Hawaii by boat? You will always have an ocean view.

Can I fly to Hawaii and then cruise the islands?

For many years, the islands of Hawaii were difficult to navigate. US law states that no foreign-flagged vessel may depart and then re-enter US waters without first visiting a foreign port.

Are there any cruises that go to Hawaii?

Hawaii cruises offer all the fun, romance and entertainment of ocean cruises, plus the sightseeing and experiential adventures of land tours. With over 50 years of experience in the Hawaii travel industry, YMT Vacations offers expert inter-island cruising and Hawaiian island tour itinerary.

What is the cheapest way to book a cruise in Hawaii?

Here are our top tips for finding a cheap cruise or Hawaii cruise deal. If you book a “guaranteed cabin” (they select for you), a lower deck cabin, or sail on an older ship of a brand you like, you can get the best price for a specific Hawaii cruise.

How long is the cruise from Oahu to Maui?

The tour lasts 12 days, with 7 nights aboard Norwegian Cruise Line’s Pride of American cruise ship and 4 nights on the island of Oahu. The cruise portion departs from Oahu and includes stops in Maui, the island of Hawaii, and Kauai. Explore the Iao Valley or Lahaina in Maui.

How much does the aloha spirit cost on a Hawaii cruise?

From enriching Discovery and Animal Planet shore excursions to our immersive onboard “Aloha Spirit” program, you’ll discover each island’s unique charm and fall in love with Hawaii’s enchanting beauty. Spoil yourself at sea with up to $200 onboard spending money per stateroom ‡ – limited time! See offers