How much does a helicopter tour in Hawaii cost?

How much does a helicopter tour in Hawaii cost?

Current price: from $259 for a 50-minute tour. Notable: Tours depart from Hilo Airport or Waikoloa Heliport on the Kona side of the Big Island. Current price: from $310 for a 75-minute tour. Notables: Mauna Loa tours are private tours for up to three or four people.

What is the best helicopter tour in Hawaii?

The 5 Best Helicopter Tours in Oahu

  • Rainbow Helicopters – Royal Crown of Oahu.
  • Blue Hawaiian Helicopters – Oahu blue skies.
  • Mauna Loa Helicopters – The Oahu Experience VIP Private Tour.
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  • Magnum Helicopters – The Doors to Adventure.
  • Paradise Helicopters – Explorer of valleys and waterfalls.

How much do helicopter tours cost?

Prices range from as low as $180 per person to $450 per person for our 1.5 hour Odyssey tour.

How much does a helicopter flight in Hawaii cost per person?

Highlights of a Maui helicopter tour can include Haleakala National Park, the Hana Rainforest, the West Maui Mountains, and the North Rim of Molokai. The price of a helicopter trip on Maui ranges from approximately $169.00 to $339.00 plus taxes and fuel charges. With all fees included, you’re looking at between $230.00 and $440.00.

How much does a helicopter ride from Maui to Oahu cost?

It takes 1 hour by helicopter to fly from Maui to Oahu, and after 1 hour helicopter tour of Oahu and another hour back to Maui, total 3 hours, and you can only book it by private charter for a total cost of over $6,000.00 dollars….Price & Availability.

Adult (12yrs +) $639.99
Child (2-11 years old) $629.99

Are helicopter tours worth it?

Although the helicopter tours are expensive, they are definitely worth it. If you like aerial views, then yes, we recommend booking a tour. A helicopter ride is also something you will never regret doing.

Are helicopter flights in Hawaii safe?

Overall, helicopter tours are safe. But recently, the number of fatal helicopter accidents in Hawaii has increased. From 1995 to 2001, there were three fatal accidents, resulting in nine fatalities. But from 2002 to 2007, that number rose to six fatalities and 17 people killed, roughly double the previous six years.

Are helicopter tours in Hawaii safe?

Overall, helicopter tours are safe. On average, one person dies in a helicopter crash in a flight in about 800,000. But experts say these recent crashes are an opportunity for the industry to raise its standards even further. Two deadly helicopters in Hawaii have crashed in less than a week.

Is a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon worth it?

Is a helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon worth it? If you’re in Las Vegas and only have one day to see the Grand Canyon, one of the tours from Las Vegas to the South Rim area is well worth it. If you’re already on the South Rim, a helicopter ride will add an extra thrill to your experience.

Are there helicopter tours of the Hawaiian Islands?

Explore the islands of Lāna’i, Kaho’olawe, Maui and Moloka’i from above on Paradise Helicopters’ only “Greater Maui” helicopter tour. More than a million years ago, Maui Nui (“Greater Maui”) was a single island forty percent larger than present-day Hawai’i.

What is the best helicopter company in Hawaii?

Blue Hawaiian is the #1 helicopter tour company in Hawaii. Since 1985, our mission has been to provide our customers with an authentic Aloha experience. From the moment you book your helicopter ride, we strive to create wonderful memories that will last a lifetime. And for us, good enough is never enough.

Is there a helicopter tour at Mauna Kea?

See the Big Island’s varied landscape from the air on a helicopter tour from Kona. This flight is longer than typical helicopter tours and offers the opportunity to be wowed by Hawaii’s incredible natural features, from waterfalls to volcanoes to rainforests.

Where to take a helicopter tour in Bali?

Take a helicopter ride over the island’s lush but rugged landscape, including locations featured in feature films such as ‘Jurassic Park’. Soar over the Waimea Canyon, which Mark Twain dubbed “the Grand Canyon of the Pacific,” the cliffs of Bali Hai, the North Coast, Mount Makana and more on this fantastic aerial tour of the island.