How much does a Marriott Vacation Club timeshare cost?

How much does a Marriott Vacation Club timeshare cost?

The cost of owning a Marriott Vacation Club varies depending on the destinations you wish to visit, the season of your vacation, the number of weeks you purchase and the size of your accommodation. Marriott packages start at $22,000.

Can I stay at Marriott Vacation Club?

Owners of the Marriott Vacation Club Destinations™ program can choose any location and any villa size, check-in on the day of their choice and stay as long as they wish – or use Vacation Club points to discover other types of vacations such as cruises, tours, exchanges, hotel stays and travel services.

How do I cancel my Marriott Vacation Club timeshare?

You can call a Marriott Vacation Club Exit Specialist at 866-682-4547 or 407-641-1801. You can also send an email to start the process to [email protected]. Exit Specialists are generally available to assist you weekdays during regular business hours Eastern Time.

What is the difference between a timeshare and a vacation club?

A timeshare is a unique property that you visit year after year. The timeshare company allows you to vacation there at set times, usually for a week or two each year. To join holiday clubs, you pay an initial membership fee. After that, you pay a monthly or yearly membership and maintenance fee.

What is the best vacation club to buy?

  • Best Overall: Marriott Vacation Club.
  • Best Traditional: Hyatt Residence Club.
  • Best score: Ritz-Carlton Destination Club.
  • Ideal for new owners: Wyndham Destinations.
  • Ideal for families: Disney Vacation Club.
  • The most flexible: Hilton Grand Vacations.
  • Best Additional Perks: Diamond Resorts.

How do I book a Marriott Vacation Club?

Book this package today by visiting or by calling 1-800-VILLAS-9 [1-800-845-5279]. * Terms and Conditions – Minimum stay of four nights required. Valid for travel from 04/09 to 21/12/12 within the United States, the Caribbean and Asia.

Are Vacation Memberships Worth It?

Although vacation club memberships offer more flexibility, you are still limited by your point count and are still committed to paying an annual maintenance fee. Due to the high initial cost, timeshares and vacation club memberships are the most profitable in the long run.

Are Travel Club Memberships Worth It?

Travel Clubs also offer points on purchases which can be redeemed for services. Consumers get their money’s worth in due time through travel club membership. So a one-year travel club membership is definitely a much better deal than paying a travel agent just once.

How does the Marriott Vacation Club system work?

Marriott Vacation Club operates using a points-based system that gives owners flexibility and freedom with their timeshare. Buy points from your residence, where you will have priority booking windows before other owners.

How many Marriott Vacation Club timeshares are there?

With a reputation for excellent owner and guest service, Marriott owners are treated like family and with more than 53 first-class resort locations with 1, 2 or 3 bedroom units, your annual vacation may include a new destination each year.

What can I do with my Marriott timeshare points?

Timeshare Points can be used at multiple resorts in your club’s portfolio at any time of the year. Spend, borrow and bank for ultimate flexibility. So essentially you have the right to use the property you purchased in whether you are buying points or a week.

Can you borrow points from Marriott Vacation Club?

No problem. As a timeshare owner in the Marriott Vacation Club Destinations program, if your vacation plans require more Vacation Club points than your annual allotment, you can take advantage of the flexibility to borrow against the following year’s balance for the to use for this year’s holiday.