How much does an island hopping cost in Hawaii?

How much does an island hopping cost in Hawaii?

Hawaii Inter-Islands: Using Honolulu to Maui or Kauai as sample routes, fares during most ride times typically range from $118 (this week’s sale) to $239 round-trip. Based on a distance of even 100 miles, that works out to between $0.59 and $1.19 per mile.

What’s the best way to get island hopping in Hawaii?

Everything you need to know about inter-island travel in Hawaii

  1. Oahu is the hub.
  2. Fly between islands.
  3. Take the ferry to Lanai.
  4. Fly to Molokai.
  5. Book a cruise between the islands.
  6. Helicopter to remote areas.
  7. Use airline miles to travel within Hawaii.
  8. Free island hopping via the United Excursionist Perk.

Does Southwest fly between islands in Hawaii?

The Southwest flies year-round between the Hawaiian Islands. Southwest makes inter-island travel easy with most flight times under an hour. Some average flight times include: Kona (Island of Hawaii) (KOA) to Kahului (Maui) (OGG): 40 minutes.

Does Delta fly between the Hawaiian Islands?

As the premier carrier in the Hawaiian Islands, Delta currently offers passengers 106 weekly flights between Hawaii and nine destinations worldwide.

What’s the cheapest way to get island hopping in Hawaii?

It’s the cheapest way to travel between these Hawaiian islands.

  • Ferry from Maui to Lanai. The Lahaina, Maui ferry departs in front of the Pioneer Inn at the public loading dock.
  • Ferry from Maui to Molokai.
  • Hawaiian Airlines.
  • Mokulele Airlines.
  • South West Airlines.
  • Oahu.
  • Maui.
  • Kauai.

Is island hopping in Hawaii worth it?

For those who just can’t decide which island to stay on, it’s worth considering the Island Hopping option. By spending a few days on 3 or 4 islands, you can adequately explore and learn where you would like to spend a longer period on your next trip to the Hawaiian Islands.

How easy is it to get from island to island in Hawaii?

Is it easy to island hop in Hawaii? Yes, it’s really quick and easy to take an inter-island flight to a neighboring Hawaiian island. When planning your Hawaii vacation, keep in mind that you will spend time getting to the airport and possibly renting/returning a rental car.

Which islands does Southwest fly to in Hawaii?

What is Southwest’s destination in Hawaii? Southwest serves 5 cities in Hawaii: Hilo (ITO) on the island of Hawaii, Honolulu (HNL) on Oahu, Kahului (OGG) on Maui, Kona (KOA) on the island of Hawaii, and Lihue (LIH) on Kauai.

Where does Hawaiian Airlines fly to Hawaii?

The majority of Hawaiian Airlines inter-island flights transit through Oahu International Airport in Honolulu. The other islands of Maui, Kauai, the island of Hawaii, Molokai and Lanai are often referred to as “neighboring islands”.

What is the best airline for island hopping in Hawaii?

Hawaiian Airlines is the largest and most popular airline for the islands of Hawaii, flying between the islands of Hawaii. They have many daily flights from each island to the other islands of Hawaii. Most of their flights are on modern Boeing 717s to Oahu (Honolulu), Maui, Kauai and the Big Island of Hawaii.

Are there direct flights from Hawaii to Idaho?

Hawaiian Airlines offers direct flights between almost all the islands in conjunction with Empire Airlines (of Idaho) under the name “Ohana by Hawaiian”. Map taken from the Hawaiian Airlines website in January 2019. Hawaiian Airlines’ frequent flyer loyalty program is called “Hawaiian Miles”.

What is the best airline for inter-island flights?

Hawaiian Airlines (website) maintains a high level of service and offers a good in-flight magazine to keep you entertained in the air and ready for your new destination. Hawaiian Airlines has the best inter-island flight coverage of all the airlines discussed here and offers direct flights between almost all Hawaiian islands.