How much money does Southwest Airlines have?

How much money does Southwest Airlines have?

Southwest has about $13.6 billion in cash, including short-term investments. However, almost all of its cash comes from the $13.4 billion it raised in the form of debt, aircraft sale-leaseback agreements, equity offerings, and the $3.4 billion of government stimulus dollars it has received.

How much money does Southwest have?

Southwest reported revenue of $2.05 billion, slightly better than analysts’ forecast of $2.03 billion.

Which airlines have the most cash?

CNN Business reports that the nation’s four largest airlines still have cash on their balance sheets at the end of 2020. American, Delta, United and Southwest actually have a total of $31.5 billion in cash, in done, compared to $13 billion a year earlier at the end of 2019.

Is Southwest profitable in 2020?

Southwest’s profit reversed a $915 million loss in the second quarter of 2020. Excluding federal aid and other special items, the Dallas-based airline said it would have lost $206 million or 35 cents per share – more than analysts’ forecast for a loss of 21 cents a share.

Is Southwest Debt Free?

What is Southwest Airlines’ net debt? You can click on the graph below for historical numbers, but it shows that in December 2020, Southwest Airlines had debt of US$9.80 billion, an increase of US$2.04 billion, on a year. However, he has $13.3 billion in cash to offset that, which translates to net cash of $3.54 billion.

How much money do airlines have?

Compare AAL with other stocks

American Airlines Group annual cash flow (in millions of US dollars)
2020 $7,473
2019 $3,984
2018 $4,914
2017 $5,384

How much does a Southwest Airlines flight cost?

Based on numbers reported by the Bureau of Transportation Statistics and Southwest Airlines’ own financial metrics, we estimate it likely costs the company close to $37,000 to operate such a flight.

How many years has Southwest Airlines been profitable?

And it’s incredibly effective. When you think about how often airlines seem to run into financial difficulties, consider the fact that Southwest has been profitable for 45 straight years. It’s not a typo.

What constitutes the majority of Southwest Airlines operating expenses?

Although from year to year the cost of fuel shows the greatest variability, it accounted for approximately 22% of flight operating expenses in 2017. However, employees remain the largest cost element for Southwest, representing more than 40% of flight operating expenses. You can use our dashboard to see how different cost components might vary for different flight routes.

What makes Southwest Airlines a good airline to work for?

Southwest has also provided travel assistance to medical patients in need, with payments totaling more than $27 million since 2007. Employees have rewarded Southwest with an excellent reputation, and the airline has been ranked #10 on the Glassdoor’s 2019 list of Best Places to Work and No. 2 on Forbes’ 2019 list of America’s Top Big Employers.