How often do you water the Hawaiian Sun Dracaena?

How often do you water the Hawaiian Sun Dracaena?

It does best in moderately moist to evenly moist soil, but does not tolerate standing water. The surface of the soil should not be completely dry, so you should expect to water this plant once and maybe even twice a week.

Why is my Hawaiian sun plant dying?

The most common cause of leaf tips browning in Dracaena plants is under-watering or allowing your Dracaena to stay dry for long periods of time. When you water your Dracaena, be sure to provide enough water so that the liquid runs out of the drainage hole in the bottom of the pot and into the saucer.

Does Dracaena like direct sunlight?

Growing Conditions: Dracaena prefers bright, indirect light; it tolerates lower light, but its growth slows accordingly. The plant grows well with standard indoor potting soil and average house temperature and humidity. Dracaena will tolerate a pot-bound condition for long periods of time and is rarely bothered by pests or disease.

How much sun should a Dracaena get?

Your Dracaena Limelight prefers medium indirect sunlight, but can survive in low light situations. Pale bleached leaves usually indicate that the plant is getting too much light. Pale leaves, slow growth and small new leaves indicate that it is not getting enough light. Water when the top 75% of the soil is dry.

How to revive a dracaena?

It is recommended to use liquid fertilizer for Dracaena. These plants can be fertilized once a month or every two months. If you have over-fertilized the plant, wash off the excess fertilizer by watering the plant until it overflows. The same process as for extracting fluorides from soil.

What should I do with my dracaena plant?

Dracaena grows slowly, so proper care allows the plant to grow within its time frame. Pruning this plant can also promote growth. Remove damaged parts of the leaves with sharp pruners, keep the soil moist and provide proper light for a happy and beautiful dracaena plant.

What is the best temperature to water a dracaena plant?

Normal house temperatures between 60 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit are ideal, with nighttime temperatures around 10 degrees cooler. Check the soil moisture often if the plant is in a warm room, as it may need water more frequently.

When is the best time to prune Dracaena?

Although pruning isn’t necessary, it’s fun and gives you control over the shape of the plant. You can trim the leaves and stems to keep the plant shorter and bushier if desired. To do this, prune your plants in early spring and late summer, and always use clean, sharp pruning shears.

What should I do with my Hawaiian Sunshine plant?

If tap water contains high levels of fluoride, use rainwater or demineralized water. If yellowish or tan leaf spots appear at the base of the leaves, be very careful not to splash the foliage with water. Clemson Cooperative Extension says dracaenas rarely develop disease, although watering to the point of flooding can cause root rot.