How to use Delta in inflight entertainment?

Riding on an airplane for hours can be tedious and boring. But Delta Air Lines aims to make your flight more enjoyable with a robust inflight entertainment system that provides hours of movies, TV shows, music, games, and more right at your seat.

Learning how to navigate Delta’s inflight entertainment system can transform what could be a dull flight into an entertaining media marathon high in the sky. This comprehensive guide will teach you everything you need to know to fully utilize Delta’s inflight entertainment on your next flight.

Key Takeaways:

  • Delta offers seatback screens, WiFi streaming to personal devices, and content accessible via the Fly Delta app on most flights over 250 miles.
  • Movies, TV shows, games, music, audiobooks, podcasts, and more are available through the inflight entertainment system.
  • You can pair Bluetooth headphones or earbuds to your seatback screen for wireless audio.
  • Passengers can use the touchscreen to browse content, make selections, and control media playback.
  • WiFi streaming allows you to view entertainment on your own phone, tablet, or laptop.
  • Downloading the Fly Delta app before your flight provides access to inflight content on your mobile device.
  • You can create a favorites list and customized playlist ahead of time on
  • Inflight entertainment access and options vary based on your flight distance and aircraft type.

overview of Delta’s inflight Entertainment Options

Delta offers passengers a variety of inflight entertainment options to enhance time spent traveling on their flights. The availability of inflight entertainment depends on the distance and type of aircraft for your route.

Here is an overview of Delta’s inflight entertainment services:

Seatback Screens

On flights over 250 miles and on most mainline aircraft, Delta provides seatback entertainment screens. This system built into the back of each seat gives you access to free entertainment at your fingertips.

The seatback screens allow you to watch movies, TV shows, comedies, documentaries, kids content and more. You can also listen to music, audiobooks and podcasts or play games.

A touchscreen controller and headset jack are built into the armrest so you can browse and select content as well as adjust volume and settings.

WiFi Streaming

For wifi-equipped aircraft, Delta offers free inflight wifi streaming of movies, TV shows, music and more directly to your laptop, tablet or phone.

To access Delta’s inflight entertainment via streaming, connect to the onboard “Delta WiFi” network. This will allow you to view Delta’s library of entertainment options from your own device during the flight.

Streaming access requires installing the Gogo Entertainment app. You can download this in advance from your device’s app store.

Fly Delta App

The Fly Delta app allows you to watch inflight entertainment from your phone or tablet, even without purchasing inflight WiFi. Downloading the app and content before your trip gives you access to Delta’s media library onboard.

The Fly Delta app entertainment can only be viewed on your device. You cannot cast content to a seatback screen.

Using the Fly Delta app, you can create a custom playlist and download movies, TV shows, audiobooks, music and more to your mobile device prior to the flight. This content can then be accessed inflight without needing internet connectivity.

How to Use Delta’s Seatback Inflight Entertainment Screens

Delta’s seatback entertainment screens provide the full suite of movies, TV shows, games, music and programming available through the airline’s inflight entertainment system.

By learning the basics of using these intuitive seatback touchscreens, you can enjoy hours of onboard entertainment. Here are some tips:

Turning on the Screen

To power on the seatback screen, press the power button located on the armrest or touch the screen. The screen may take a few minutes to boot up.

Using the Touchscreen

The screen is controlled through the touchscreen interface. To make selections, simply touch the icon or title for the content you want to watch, listen to or play.

Tap near the bottom of the screen to bring up additional menus and controls.

Browsing Content

Swipe left or right on the main screen to browse different categories like movies, TV, music and more.

Scroll up and down to view all available content within each category. Content can also be searched using the on-screen keyboard.

Selecting Media

Tap on any title to view details and playback options. Tap “Play” to begin viewing or listening.

Media will resume from where you left off if you previously started it and return to the selection later.

Adjusting Settings

Tap the gear icon in the bottom corner to access screen settings. Here you can change the language, turn closed captioning on or off, adjust brightness, and more.

Pairing Bluetooth Devices

For wireless audio, you can pair Bluetooth headphones to your seatback screen. From the settings menu, select “Bluetooth” and turn on pairing mode for your Bluetooth device to connect it.

Using Closed Captions and Subtitles

From the settings menu, turn closed captions or subtitles on or off for available media selections. Activate the accessibility short cut by tapping the screen 3 times to quickly enable captions.

Streaming Inflight Entertainment to Your Device

Delta allows passengers to stream movies, TV shows, music, games and more directly to their own smartphone, tablet, or laptop on wifi-equipped aircraft at no additional cost.

Follow these instructions to access Delta’s streaming inflight entertainment on your electronic device:

Connect to the Inflight WiFi Network

On wifi-enabled Delta flights, connect your device to the “Delta WiFi” wireless network. This may require accepting terms and conditions. Internet access is not needed to use the entertainment streaming.

Install the Gogo Entertainment App

Download the Gogo Entertainment app from your device’s app store before your trip. Launch the app once connected to Delta WiFi to begin streaming.

Browse Content and Make Selections

The Gogo app provides access to all of Delta’s inflight movies, TV, music and more. Browse categories and tap selections to stream them to your device.

Resume Playback Where You Left Off

Media selections will pick up right where you left off if you start watching or listening on one device and switch to another device later in the flight.

Use Airplane Mode for Offline Viewing

Once downloaded for offline viewing, content through the Gogo app can be accessed in airplane mode without wifi. This helps conserve battery life.

Connect Headphones for Audio

Plug headphones into your device for audio when streaming video or music selections. Note volume controls are managed through your device.

By following these tips, you can enjoy Delta’s entire inflight entertainment library streamed to the comfort of your own smartphone, tablet or computer.

Downloading Entertainment to Your Device with the Fly Delta App

For flights without seatback screens or WiFi streaming, Delta offers the Fly Delta app to download movies, TV shows, music and more prior to your trip for inflight viewing on your own mobile device.

Here is how it works:

Install the Fly Delta App

Download the Fly Delta app from your device’s app store. You can access it on both Apple and Android smartphones and tablets.

Select Content In Advance

Open the Fly Delta app and tap “Entertainment” at the bottom to browse Delta’s inflight selections. Tap the download icon next to any title to download it.

Download Over WiFi

Wait to download shows and movies until connected to wifi so you don’t use mobile data. Downloads can take awhile depending on file size.

View Offline In Airplane Mode

Once downloaded to your device, switch airplane mode on and you can view your selected content without needing inflight connectivity.

Use Own Headphones

Bring your own headphones or earbuds to plug into your smartphone or tablet to listen to audio for your downloaded videos and music.

Create Custom Playlists

Use the Fly Delta app to build custom playlists from Delta’s catalog of songs and albums so you have hours of listening material onboard.

With the Fly Delta app, you can enjoy a seamless inflight entertainment experience on Delta flights without seatback screens or streaming access.

Tips for Accessing Delta’s Inflight Entertainment

Take advantage of Delta’s extensive inflight entertainment options by following these tips:

  • Download the Fly Delta and Gogo Entertainment apps before your flight.
  • Bring your own headphones for wired audio with seatback screens or Bluetooth for wireless connectivity.
  • Save battery life by downloading content beforehand and putting devices in airplane mode once inflight.
  • Create a custom playlist and download selections using the Fly Delta app prior to boarding.
  • Restart your device once connected to inflight WiFi if you have trouble accessing entertainment.
  • Use closed captions or subtitles if available for your selected media. Activate via the seatback screen settings.
  • Adjust screen brightness and volume to suitable levels from the seatback controller.
  • Clear device storage space before downloads so you have room for inflight media selections.
  • Link your Delta SkyMiles and Gogo Entertainment accounts to pick up viewing where you left off across flights.
  • Bring your own charger to ensure your device doesn’t run out of power during longer flights.

By learning these tips and tricks for accessing Delta’s inflight entertainment, you can make the most of onboard movies, TV shows, music, and more on your next flight.

Common Questions about Delta Inflight Entertainment

Confused about how to use Delta’s inflight entertainment system? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

How do I turn on the seatback screen?

To power on the touchscreen monitor, press the activation button on your armrest or touch the screen. Give it a few minutes to fully boot up.

Is the inflight entertainment free?

Yes, Delta provides free inflight entertainment including movies, TV, games, music and more at every seat with screens. WiFi streaming to your device is also complimentary.

Can I use my own headphones?

Yes, you can plug your own wired headphones into the headphone jack built into your armrest. For seatback screens with Bluetooth, you can wirelessly connect Bluetooth headphones.

How do I connect my Bluetooth headphones?

From the seatback screen settings, select Bluetooth and put your headphones into pairing mode. Choose your headphones when they show up as an available device.

How do I restart the touchscreen if it freezes?

If the screen becomes unresponsive, hold down the power button on your armrest for 10+ seconds to restart it. This will not delete your saved progress.

Can I resume watching movies where I left off?

Yes, movies, TV shows, and other media will pick up right where you stopped them previously during the flight, so you can pause and resume viewing.

Is entertainment available without purchasing WiFi?

Yes! You can access Delta’s inflight entertainment library for free via the Fly Delta app without buying inflight WiFi. Just download selections before boarding.

How do I download entertainment to my device?

Use the Fly Delta app before your trip to download movies, TV, music and more to your phone or tablet. This lets you watch offline inflight without WiFi.

Why can’t I download selections inflight?

To save bandwidth, Delta blocks downloading of content via WiFi or mobile data while in the air. Be sure to download your picks before boarding using the Fly Delta app.

By learning the answers to these common questions, you will know how to fully utilize Delta’s inflight entertainment technology on your flight.

Summary: How to Best Use Delta Inflight Entertainment

Delta provides a variety of inflight entertainment options to make the time spent soaring through the skies more enjoyable.

Seatback on-demand entertainment screens allow you to watch movies and TV, listen to music, or play games on flights over 250 miles. You can also stream all this entertainment content directly to your own device using the inflight WiFi network.

Don’t have seatback screens or streaming access on your upcoming flight? No problem! Simply download the Fly Delta app before boarding to select movies, TV shows, music, audiobooks, and more to watch inflight without WiFi using your smartphone or tablet.

Maximize your use of Delta’s inflight entertainment by pre-downloading content prior to boarding, bringing your own headphones, adjusting screen settings to your liking, creating playlists and watch lists, and linking your Delta and Gogo frequent flyer accounts.

Learning the ins and outs of Delta’s inflight entertainment system can make even the longest flights fly by in no time. With this comprehensive guide, you now have the knowledge you need to fully utilize the airline’s onboard movies, TV, music, games and content for hours of high-quality entertainment.