Is Asiana a safe airline?

Is Asiana a safe airline?

Asiana is officially “rating pending”, although I’ve seen enough to rate her, and Turkish myself. These airlines are all on my personal Do Not Fly list – and if you value your life, they should be on yours too. Andrew Danziger is a 28-year airline veteran, with a background in turboprops and Boeing aircraft.

Is Asiana a low-cost airline?

Asiana Airlines is the major shareholder of Air Busan, a low-cost regional carrier joint venture with Busan Metropolitan City. The airline also owns 100% shares of Air Seoul, a subsidiary and its own low-cost carrier… Asiana Airlines.

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What is the best Korean airline?

Asiana Airlines received the highest marks in the service section of the survey. Customers enjoy the Korean food selections on board and generally seem pleased with the service from the crew and on-board staff.

Is Asiana business class any good?

The positives: a solid business class catering offer, a high quality meal and a comfortable seat. The bad: IFE is very limited, add the lack of wifi, and you can very easily get bored during the flight. Note: the Asiana A380 is magnificent. There’s nothing quite like traveling on the second floor of an airplane.

Is Korean Air a safe airline?

Korean Air has been certified as a 5-star COVID-safe airline by Skytrax, becoming one of the few global airlines to gain recognition for COVID-19 safety standards.

Is Korean Air comfortable?

Seat comfort and legroom on Korean Air seats are comfortable and spacious. At 5’8″, my knees felt like they had at least six inches or more of room before they hit the back of the seat in front of me.

Which is the better airline ANA or Asiana?

Asiana Airlines is the third 5 star airline I have flown with (after Eva Air and ANA). It is clear that Asian airlines are better than the rest. The cabin crew were very nice, competent and the meal was very good. Asiana deserves a 5 star rating.

How does Asiana Club work with Asiana Airlines?

Asiana Club is the frequent flyer program offered by Asiana Airlines and is based on Asiana Club miles. If you’re an Asiana Club member, you’ll earn Asiana Club miles every time you fly with Asiana Airlines or one of our partners, and the miles you earn can be used for award flights.

Is entertainment on Asiana Airlines good or bad?

✅ Verified Travel | In-flight entertainment is not good, American or Japanese movie, the movie has no Korean subtitles, only Korean dub. Avod is too old. The second in-flight meal is greasy. The first meal is bibimbap (Korean food). Fairly good value for money, cabin crew service really good.

Are there frequent flyer miles for Asiana Airlines?

Unlike US airlines (apart from Alaska), Asiana still rewards miles based on distance flown. Always check your rate code when booking to understand your loyalty rewards, if this is important to you. Asiana’s A380 economy cabins are spacious, and even more so with a little research.