Is Auckland airport open for international flights?

Is Auckland airport open for international flights?

As an essential service, Auckland Airport remains open. International flights: Non-travelers will be permitted to enter terminals to greet or say goodbye to friends and family under Alert Level 1. If you have any questions about your flight, contact your airline for the latest information.

Can I transit through Auckland airport?

As a transit passenger, you can only travel through Auckland International Airport where you must remain in the airport transit area or on board your craft. Normally you should spend less than 24 hours in transit in New Zealand, but this may change at short notice due to COVID-19 alert levels.

Which airlines fly from Auckland to the United States?

Airline company The cheapest
eastern china $806 Search East China flights
American airlines $568 Search for American Airlines flights
Qantas Airways $605 Search for Qantas Airways flights
United Airlines $595 Search for United Airlines flights

Which airlines fly from New Zealand to Australia?

Live from New Zealand

Flights with Air New Zealand Jetstar flights LATAM Airlines group flights
Flights with Virgin Australia Singapore Airlines flights AirAsia X flights
Qantas flights Emirates flights China Airlines flights

Is Auckland airport for passengers only?

Only passengers can enter the terminal.

Do you have to wear a mask on a NZ plane?

All passengers are required to wear a face covering at the airport and on all Air New Zealand operated flights. You can bring your own face covering and face masks will be available at the gate and on board.

Do I need a transit visa in Auckland?

If you are passing through New Zealand as a transit passenger, you must apply for a transit visa before travelling, unless you are traveling to Australia or coming from a visa-exempt country or a visa-exempt country. transit visa.

Can I transit through Auckland?

You can only transit New Zealand through Auckland International Airport, where you must stay in the airport transit area. You can stay in transit for up to 24 hours. If you need to stay longer than 24 hours, you are not a transit passenger and must apply to enter New Zealand.

Can New Zealand travel to America?

The Visa Waiver Program (VWP) allows New Zealand citizens to enter the United States for business and tourism purposes for up to 90 days without a visa. New Zealanders who are not eligible for VWP (e.g. students, journalists) will continue to require visas to transit or visit the United States.

Where are the most flights from Auckland to?

The route with the most departures is the Wellington (WLG) route with an average of 134 flights departing Auckland International each week, representing 10% of all weekly departures. The main international destinations from here are Sydney (SYD) and Melbourne (MEL).

Are there flights between New Zealand and Australia?

Normal hours are currently expected to resume after May 1, 2020. Although New Zealand has enacted strict new border restrictions blocking entry for all visitors, Australians can still transit through Auckland when connecting to the Australia aboard the LA801. However, LATAM flights to Melbourne are currently suspended.

Are there non-stop flights between Auckland and South America?

LATAM is currently the only airline operating non-stop flights between Auckland and South America. They operate seasonal flights to Santiago de Chile (SCL). Emirates is currently the only airline operating non-stop flights between Auckland and the Middle East. They operate seasonal flights to Dubai (DXB).

How is security at Auckland airport for international flights?

The New Zealand government has security measures in place for all international flights to and from New Zealand airports. At Auckland Airport, our goal is to make the security process as easy and user-friendly as possible, while ensuring that all international passengers comply with new regulations. What are liquids, aerosols and gels?