Is Condor Airlines part of Lufthansa?

Is Condor Airlines part‍ of Lufthansa?

Condor Airlines, originally founded in‍ 1955, has​ a complex‌ relationship with Lufthansa. In the year 2000, Lufthansa began gradually acquiring shares of Condor.⁤ However, between 2000 and‍ 2007, these shares ​were sold to⁣ Thomas ⁣Cook AG and Thomas Cook Group. As a result, ‌Condor ​is no longer 100%⁤ owned by​ Lufthansa. Lufthansa currently directly owns 10% of⁣ Condor, while the ⁢rest of the company is⁤ part of the Condor &​ Neckermann Tourism Company, ⁣which is owned 50% by Lufthansa and 50% by Karstadt.


Who is Lufthansa affiliated with?

Lufthansa ⁣is a member of ​Star Alliance, the ‍largest global airline alliance. Being a member of Star Alliance enables Lufthansa passengers to earn and redeem‍ miles with other alliance members, including United Airlines, Air Canada, Air China, ⁣and Singapore Airlines. Lufthansa subsidiaries, such as Eurowings and Swiss International​ Air ⁣Lines,⁢ are also part of the Star Alliance network.

Is Condor Airlines a member ‌of Star Alliance?

Condor Airlines is ‍not a member⁢ of the Star Alliance but⁣ participates in the Lufthansa Miles & More program. This means that passengers flying with Condor can still earn and redeem miles through the Miles⁢ & More program, ⁢which is ‍affiliated with Lufthansa.

Is ⁤Condor Airlines a good airline?

Condor Airlines holds a 4-star leisure airline⁣ certification for the quality⁣ of its airport ‌services, products, and⁣ on-board service. The airline’s long-haul ​business class⁢ is highly regarded, with older‌ reclined seats that are considered superior ⁣to those of most ⁣leisure carriers. The Premium Economy class on ​B767 aircraft is comparable to that of other airlines.

Will Condor Air close its doors?

Condor Airlines faced financial difficulties and filed‌ for bankruptcy protection. However, the airline has successfully completed its restructuring process and ‍has⁢ been able to release most⁢ of its debts. It⁢ is now considered to be debt-free, with the exception‍ of‌ a ⁤loan from the German⁣ government ​KfW, which is​ currently providing financial support to the airline.

Does Alaska Air serve‍ Germany?

Alaska Airlines does not operate ​direct ‍flights to Germany. However, ⁣it offers​ connections to Germany through‍ its partnership with Condor⁤ Airlines. Passengers from Alaska can arrive on Condor‌ flights to Frankfurt and Munich and then⁢ connect to⁢ over 75 destinations across Europe, Africa, and Asia.

Does Alaska Air serve⁢ Europe?

Yes, Alaska ⁣Airlines serves ⁢Europe through its partnership‌ with Condor Airlines. Passengers can connect to more than 75 destinations across​ Europe, Africa, and Asia when arriving on ​Condor ​flights to Frankfurt and Munich.

Is Lufthansa a good airline?

Lufthansa has consistently received ⁢recognition for its quality ‌of service. In the 2019⁢ World Airline Awards, ‌Lufthansa was voted “Europe’s‌ Best Airline” by Skytrax for the ‌third consecutive year.⁢ Additionally, Lufthansa was voted “Best Airline​ in Western ‍Europe” by ​customers who rated their flight‌ experiences for the awards.

What⁤ is​ the history between⁢ Condor and Lufthansa?

The history between ⁢Condor and Lufthansa dates back to the ⁢creation ‌of ⁤Condor Airlines in ​1955. ‌Initially, Lufthansa was a⁤ shareholder ⁣of Condor. However, in 1955, Lufthansa​ sold its shares ‍in Condor to Thomas​ Cook. Throughout the⁣ following years, Lufthansa and Condor ⁢maintained a strong partnership. In 2019, there were rumors that Lufthansa was interested in buying Condor, but no agreement was reached.

Where can ‌I ​book a flight with Condor?

To⁣ book a flight with Condor, you can visit their official⁤ website. On ‍the ⁢Condor website, you can ⁤also find information about their partner airlines and ⁣their expanded route ⁢network, which now ​includes over 160 destinations ⁢worldwide through collaborations with various airlines.

Who ⁤are Condor Airlines’ airline partners?

Condor Airlines has several airline partners that ‌contribute to their expanded route network. Through partnerships with ‌various airlines, Condor is able to offer flights ‍to ⁤a wide range of dream destinations in the Caribbean, as well as numerous vacation destinations in Latin America. For specific‍ information about Condor’s partner airlines, you can visit their‌ official website.

What⁣ are the baggage requirements for Condor flights?

The baggage requirements for Condor flights depend on the specific⁢ itinerary. For flights to/from the United States, Canada, and Puerto ⁣Rico, the baggage⁤ conditions of​ the first airline⁢ you are ⁣traveling with apply. This‌ could be either ⁤Condor or Aegean Airlines, depending⁤ on the origin of ⁢your journey. For all‌ other destinations, ⁤Condor’s baggage conditions apply. It‌ is recommended‌ to check the specific‌ baggage rules and regulations on the ⁣Condor website or contact their customer service for up-to-date information.