Is Hawaii sometimes cold?

Is Hawaii sometimes cold?

Hawaii has only two seasons: summer, from May to September, and winter, from October to April. Winters in Hawaii are cooler and have northwesterly winds. Temperatures average around 75 degrees during the day and 65 at night. Summer highs average around 85 degrees.

What is the hottest month in Hawaii?

August through October have the warmest ocean temperatures, while January through March are the coldest. The biggest waves hit the north coast from mid-November to early February.

How is winter in Hawaii?

The hottest months are May through October, with an average daytime temperature of 86°F. From November through April, Hawaii winter temperatures typically range from 75°F to 80°F, with the wettest months being March and April . Rainfall is less frequent on the south and west coasts of most Hawaiian islands.

Is Hawaii hotter than Texas?

Hottest States in America During each season, Florida, Louisiana and Texas consistently rank among the top four hottest states in the country, based on statewide average temperatures. Florida ranks as the warmest year-round state overall. The other state in the top four is Hawaii.

What is the weather like in Hawaii all year round?

What’s the weather like in Hawaii? Hawaii’s climate is warm year-round with daytime temperatures ranging from 78 F in the “cold” months to 88 F in the warmer months. Hawaii’s proximity to the equator means that its climate is tropically warm and consistent throughout the year. Flowers are always in bloom in Hawaii.

How is the weather in Hawaii in April?

Evening low temperatures range from 65 F in the cooler months to 75 F in the warmer months. The months of April to October tend to have less rain than the months of November to March. The following chart shows how average rainfall varies by month and by Hawaiian island. This graph shows average precipitation trends by island.

What is the wettest time of year in Hawaii?

It is this weather phenomenon that creates Hawaii’s rich, verdant and tropical environment. The wettest months are November through March, but winter rains don’t usually interfere with vacation plans, as the weather is very localized. This means that if it is raining where you are, there is almost always a sunny spot around the coast.

How is the weather in Hawaii in September?

The ocean temperature is around 75 F and the air temperature averages between 65 and 80 degrees F depending on which area you are in, and closer to 64 to 79 degrees F in Hana. We find this time of year to be very much like a mix between September, October and November.