Is Norwegian a good airline?

Is Norwegian a good airline?

Norwegian is certified as a 4-star low-cost airline for the quality of its airport, products and onboard service. The product rating includes seating, amenities, food and beverage, IFE, cleanliness, etc., and the service rating includes both cabin crew and ground staff.

What is Business Class on Norwegian Air?

Premium cabin seats are basically Norwegian’s business class, so they’ll be a bit more upscale with more legroom and increased recline. Onboard Amenities: When it comes to onboard amenities during the flight, Norwegian Air goes above and beyond other low-cost carriers by offering certain perks for free.

Are Norwegian airlines going bankrupt?

In a letter to employees, Norwegian informed colleagues that to protect its core business of domestic and regional flights, administrators had made the decision to close and fold long-haul arms, including Norwegian Air UK, and various other spin -offs in the United States, France, Italy and Asia.

What type of aircraft does Norwegian Air fly on?

Norwegian’s fleet consists of Boeing 737 series aircraft. Norwegian has one of the youngest and most fuel-efficient fleets in the world. New aircraft are a win-win for passenger comfort, the environment, keeping fares low and business costs.

How many Dreamliners does Norwegian Air have?

Norwegian currently has some 85 narrow-body Boeing 737-800s, plus 18 Boeing 737 MAXs. Long-haul service was provided by the airline’s 37 wide-body 787 Dreamliners. Norwegian offers both the 787-8 (291 seats, 8,823-mile range) and the 787-9 (344 seats, 9,196-mile range).

What kind of outlets do they use in Norway?

Jorn/Getty Images. Norway uses the Europlug (Type C & F), which has two round pins. If you are traveling from the United States, you will probably need a transformer or an electrical adapter to make your devices use the 220 volts of electricity coming out of the wall outlets.

Do you get Wi-Fi on a Norwegian flight?

Travel with Norwegian and you’ll have fun at your fingertips. Anytime. Enjoy high-speed Wi-Fi on most of our flights and you can upgrade to high-speed Wi-Fi with which you can stream your new favorite series or get on with your work. Get the latest travel inspiration from our award-winning N magazine.

How many volts do you get from an electrical outlet in Norway?

But, what is important, before doing this, is that you must make sure that your device can accept the 220 volts that come out of the sockets in Norway. In the United States, the current that comes out of our electrical outlets is 110 volts. Most electronic devices like cell phones and laptops are designed to handle up to 220 volts of power.

Can you use a power outlet on an airplane?

You can only have Wi-Fi or power outlets on specific flights if you are traveling with more than one flight. But it’s not always that simple — just because an airplane offers “power” doesn’t mean you’ll be able to plug your laptop into your seat.