Is Shasta a good caravan?

Is Shasta a good caravan?

2021-03-26 2018 Shasta Revere 27RB View Ads We really enjoyed this trailer. It has a spacious floor plan. I love the electrical outlets, sliders, awning and hitch. These electrical elements facilitate installation and dismantling.

Do all Shasta campers have wings?

The wings of a Shasta are outrageous and fantastic. Unfortunately, many original owners removed them and threw them away thinking they might be too showy. But today they are iconic and no Shasta motorhome is complete without them.

Are Shasta campers still made?

Shasta trailers quickly became favorites with campers all over the United States due to their low price and high quality and older models are still very popular among restorers and vintage trailer collectors today. Shasta trailers were manufactured from 1941 to 2004, then again from 2010.

Who makes Shasta Motorhomes?

Forest River Inc.
In 2010, Shasta RV re-emerged as a division of Forest River Inc. In March 2012, Mark Lucas became President and CEO of Shasta RV. The business has grown to include a sales office, several production facilities and a finished goods storage area.

What is the best travel trailer brand?

Let’s start with our list of the top 10 travel trailer brands.

  • Air flow.
  • VR Grand Design.
  • Olivier.
  • Winnebago Industries.
  • Happier camper.
  • Starcraft.
  • Spear.
  • Shasta.

Are Forest River trailers any good?

Reviews of this model from Forest River are not very good. Very few people liked the trailer after buying it and almost all of them had major problems after going camping. Most of the reviews centered on the poor quality control that oversaw the construction of this motorhome.

How much is a vintage Shasta motorhome worth?

The weighted average price of a used Shasta Vintage is $7,554. The weighted average price reduces all prices to one price. For each month, we recalculate the weighted average price of the products found with the query ‘Vintage shasta’ between the price range 500 – 150000.

How long does a Shasta motorhome last?


Floor plan: 18BH: Shasta trailers 260TH – DSO: Dealer stock only
CCC: 1,821 pounds 1,975 pounds
Exterior length: 22′ 6″ 29′ 2″
Exterior height: 10′ 6″ 11′ 3″
Exterior width: 96″ 96″

Are Shasta Oasis Good Campers?

2019-08-07 2019 Shasta Oasis 21RB See Listings Great trailer, some minor issues at first but dealer and manufacturer dealt with them all with quality repairs. Very easy towing with my medium sized truck. Do not underestimate this little gem for couples this trailer is perfect.

Who bought Shasta?

national drink
National Beverage owns Shasta, which is best known for its wacky flavors like Orange Pineapple, Zazz Grapefruit, and California Dreamin’ Orange Custard. (Shasta is named after Mount Shasta in Northern California.) Shasta also had a super cheesy, but memorable, ad campaign in the 1980s.

Is the Shasta caravan a motorhome?

Shasta trailer with slide for a spacious interior! The dinette and the sofa convert into beds and with the double bunk beds and the qu… This motorhome is perfect for a family who is new to camping. It’s a new addition to our batch, and as the weather warms up, we expect it to move quickly!

How old is the Shasta Airflyte caravan?

2015 Shasta RVs Airflyte 16, this reissue Shasta 16 Airflyte travel trailer is ready for any adventure you find yourself in. You’ll love the vintage appeal with all the original 1961 details. Inside, you’ll find a 54″ forward dinette with overhead cabinets that feature the same details.

When did the Shasta RV brand cease operations?

At one point in the early 1980s, the Shasta name appeared on almost every type of recreational vehicle imaginable… motor homes, fifth wheels, trailers and even some pop-up motor homes. The Shasta brand seems to have disappeared without goodbye or fanfare. Not exactly a fitting ending to such an amazing part of American history.

When did Coachmen Industries buy Shasta trailers?

Coachmen Industries, Inc. purchased the company from Grace in 1976. The high quality and low price of the Shastas made them a favorite with campers all over the United States. The “wings” on the rear sides were a visible identifier in the 1960s and beyond. The name was sold to Coachmen Industries.