Is Tajikistan safe to travel?

Is Tajikistan safe to travel?

Tajikistan is a safe country, although some factional fighting spilling over from neighboring Afghanistan (as well as local warlords) still occurs in Tajikistan. Visitors should keep abreast of the security situation and not take unnecessary risks….

Fast facts
Capital Dushanbe
Government Republic

Is Tajikistan safe in 2020?

OVERALL RISK: MEDIUM. Generally speaking, Tajikistan is relatively safe to visit. It has a low crime rate and a friendly population that will try to make you feel at home.

Why is Tajikistan dangerous?

Some of the most common hazards encountered in Tajikistan relate to poor road infrastructure and natural events such as landslides and avalanches, especially in winter. Use caution on rural or mountainous roads, especially in underpopulated areas.

Is Tajikistan expensive?

The cost of living in Tajikistan is $413, which is 1.78 times cheaper than the world average. Tajikistan is ranked 193rd out of 197 countries in terms of cost of living and the 179th best country in which to live. The average after-tax salary in Tajikistan is $116, which is enough to cover living expenses for 0.3 months.

Is Dushanbe worth the detour?

Dushanbe. Like most Central Asian capitals, Dushanbe has nothing of interest. Some places worth visiting are the National Museum of Tajikistan, the Dushanbe Bazaar and the Dushanbe Flagpole (second tallest freestanding flagpole in the world, at a height of 165 meters).

How many stars are there on the flag of Tajikistan?

seven stars
The flag of Tajikistan is a horizontal tricolor of red, white and green with an aspect ratio of 2:3:2, charged with a crown surmounted by an arc of seven stars in the center. The tricolor maintains the choice of colors of the former Soviet Tajik flag, as well as the 1:2 proportions.

Is Tajikistan cheaper than India?

Tajikistan is 58.6% more expensive than India.

Do they speak English in Tajikistan?

Home to a melting pot of cultures, ethnicities, and religions, there is an assortment of languages ​​spoken in Tajikistan. While the official language of Tajikistan is Tajik, Russian, English, and the Pamir and Yaghnobi languages ​​are also spoken here.