Is there a paper plane sport?

Is there a paper airplane sport?

Throwing paper planes is an extreme sport! Since 2006, Red Bull X sports fanatics have organized the Red Bull Paper Wings World Paper Airplane Championships. Three disciplines are contested: distance, hangtime and aerobatics.

What are the criteria for a paper airplane competition?

All contests must be held indoors without any wind/air conditioning/fans. Paper planes should only be built from a single sheet of paper: standard A4 size, no more than 100 grams. The sheet should be modified by folding only! Tearing, gluing, cutting, stapling or weighting is prohibited!

What is the World Record Paper Airplane 2020?

The world record for the longest throw of a paper plane has been broken. Joe Ayoob launches a drawing by John Collins, officially breaking the world record of 19 feet 6 inches. The new world record, once verified by Guinness, will be 69.14 meters (226 feet, 10 inches).

Which paper plane is the best in the world?

Watch the video: In 2012, former Cal Berkeley quarterback Joe Ayoob officially broke the Guinness World Record by flying a paper airplane designed by John Collins at 69.14 meters (226ft, 10in) – it is 5.95 meters or 19 feet, 6 inches further than the previous record.

How to fold an airplane?

DIY Paper Airplane

  1. Fold the paper in half vertically.
  2. Unfold the paper and fold each of the top corners in the middle line.
  3. Fold the top edges in the middle line.
  4. Fold the plane in half towards you.
  5. Fold the wings down, matching the top edges with the bottom edge of the body.

What makes a paper plane fly farther?

The aircraft’s aerodynamics should have little drag and be light enough to defy gravity. Paper planes also use lift and thrust forces. When these four forces are used in balance, paper airplanes will fly longer.

What is the world record for the smallest paper airplane?

Folding paper The world’s smallest paper plane was folded by Teody Jasper from the Philippines and measured just 1.1 millimeters.

What is the world record for holding your breath?

11 minutes, 35 seconds
Current records without oxygen are 11 minutes, 35 seconds for men (Stéphane Mifsud, 2009) and 8 minutes, 23 seconds for women (Natalia Molchanova, 2011). Severinsen said he suffered no brain damage from his apnea record attempts.

How big is the Amazing Paper Airplane contest?

Each player will fold 5 (or more) paper airplanes of their own design from 8 ½ by 11 inch paper to fly in the Amazing Paper Airplane contest. This is where strategy comes in. A friend at church was flying airplanes with his son and showed me his special airplane folding technique.

How to build a team for a paper airplane contest?

Sharing Expertise: In addition to the above, before announcing the start of a contest, ask each group to name who on their team is the most accomplished paper airplane designer. Then ask these “experts” to move on to another team and teach this new team what they know. Great way to share the love around.

What is the biggest paper airplane in the world?

The largest paper airplane competition in the world. Students from all over the world compete for the top spots. Red Bull paper wings. Students around the world are putting their aerodynamic prowess to use in their bid to become the world’s best paper airplane maker through Red Bull’s international Paper Wings competition.

What was the purpose of the Paper Airplane Challenge?

Dozens of school children made their best paper planes for the New South Wales Paper Planes Challenge at the University of Sydney, which aims to make science fun and accessible to school children