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Denmark is a national coastal city that continues to make a living from the sea. Tourists are welcomed with open arms of course, and there is plenty to love, with four beaches with a blue flag and a familiar gastronomic scene throughout Spain.

Danya cancer is a delicacy that only exists in a deep sea canal in the water between here and Ibiza, and it is delightful if you do not mind paying extra for it.

The wild views to the south and east are part of the experience, and you can go on unforgettable hikes to the high cliffs of Cabo de San Antonio, or the huge 750-meter-high Montago mountain.

Let’s explore the best things to do in Danya:

1. The Marines

Playa La Marines, Danya

Starting just north of the port, Les Marines may be the choice among the excellent beaches of Danya.

At almost three miles long it is spacious enough for you to escape the crowds and relax leisurely on the soft golden sands.

Behind the beach are low dunes and a combination of non-invasive apartments and large holiday homes.

Kids will love it too, and you can let the little ones play in the shallows as the beach shelves are shelf shelves very gradually.

As befits a blue flag approach there are bars and restaurants on the beach, and you can also rent pedals from the beach.

2. Punta del Rust

Punta del Rust

The beach closest to the center of Danya still manages to get an open and natural feeling about it.

Punta del Rust is wide enough that you will have to use the wooden paths that cross the dark golden sands, which can be quite toasty under the summer sun.

And as in Les Marines, its size promises some seclusion, even on the weekends of July and August.

Also convenient is the western orientation of Punta del Rust, which faces away from the port and easterly winds, so the sea here is smoother than on the other beaches of Danya.

Castillo de Danya

Castillo de Danya

On a cliff behind the harbor, Danya’s castle was built by the teachers in the 10th century on the foundations of a fortress from the Roman city of Dianium.

In the 11th century it was supposed to be a magnificent palace, as it was the home of the Moorish governor of the state of Denmark.

Later it was even necessary for military purposes to offer a stronghold against the barbarian bandits who constantly attacked the coast in the early modern era.

The castle is the highest point in the city and you can climb to the roof for the best view of the harbor and also of Montego to the southeast.

4. Montego


If you want a story to tell your friends, you can tackle this 750-foot-long monolithic mountain that separates Danya from neighboring Java.

What should not be told to them is that despite its powerful appearance, it is actually a relatively simple climb.

If you take the CV-736, you can take a side lane and park near the shooting club.

Dealing with the mountain from the east side the road is surprisingly easy, as the trail winds along gray limestone terraces.

Only near the summit you will have to walk carefully, as there is little rubbish after about 600 meters.

You can then have a drink at the sight of Danya and her port in Miniature.

5. Les Rotes

Les Rotes

The further away from the port to the east, the smaller the beaches become.

If you prefer small coves on sweeping beaches then you will love this part of the resort.

Les Rotes is a network of small rock pools and cute beaches that despite being in a quiet area of ​​Denmark, are complemented by a selection of upscale seafood restaurants.

They take advantage of the spectacular scenery, with a clear view of the golden sandstone cliffs of Cabo San Antonio and across the water of the water park below.

6. Local gastronomy


Danya’s fishing industry is alive and well, thanks in part to a certain type of crab.

Danya’s red crab has a bright red tinge and lives in a deep sea channel 600 meters below the surface between this part of the Valencian Coast and Ibiza.

Its habitat and algae diet give it a taste that connoisseurs claim is second to none – but be prepared to shell out a little more for this type of crab because it’s tricky to catch.

The local seafood paella is as good as any you will taste, and you should also try a spankat, Valencian salad with red peppers and eggplant, and usually served with cod.

7. Guerrero Tower

Guerrero Tower

You can also take an exciting walk on the beach to this historic vase-like watchtower, perched on the bluffs on the Danya side of Cabo de San Antonio.

It was built in the mid-16th century during the reign of Carlos I, and was part of the first generation of coast guard towers designed to detect or even repel invasions by barbarian pirates.

The structure belonged to a system of protections that would communicate with each other through mirrors or smoke, and this structure was quite independent as it was built on a freshwater spring.

The most exciting part for amateur historians is the coat of arms of Carlos V, with the two-headed eagle of the Habsburg Empire.

8. Barrio Baix la Mar

Barrio Baix la Mar

One of the most beautiful parts of Danya for a trip is the Barrio Baix la Mar, a beachfront district that for centuries had a large population of fishermen and sailors.

It is an area of ​​one- and two-story houses brightly painted in blue, yellow and red.

The cast iron balconies are decorated with flowers and plants spilling on the walls.

These houses are mostly from the 18th and 19th centuries, but there is evidence that it was also a waterfront district in the Moorish period.

As you get closer to the water there are more restaurants you will meet, and near the harbor there are outdoor seating shaded by palm trees and canvas awnings.

9. Toy Museum

Toy Museum

In the first decades of the 20th century, Danya was a center for toy production, after its raisin industry was destroyed by phylloxera.

Beginning in 1904, metal models of trains and the like were assembled here.

Since the 1920s the city has turned its attention to wooden toys, and is known for the high quality of car models, dolls, bowling systems and sailing boats, all carved, polished and painted to strict standards.

At this free attraction at Danya’s former train station, you can check out these vintage toys, and follow the progress of toy production in the city, from the turn of the century to the 1960s.

10. Ethnology Museum

Ethnology Museum

This attraction takes you a little further back, to the 1800s, when Danya experienced a small bloom thanks to its dried fruit harvest.

The proceeds from raisins helped expand the city, create a middle class and brought with it a railway line.

On the ground floor you can check out archival footage of raisins production in action.

Above you can see what wealth means for the new bourgeoisie, and the clothes and jewelry that were in vogue at that time.

Then upstairs are more rustic displays of tools and folk costumes, as well as a map pointing to the extent of Denmark’s maritime trade with other countries.

11. Cabo de San Antonio

Cabo San Antonio

Walking to the edge of this monumental land southeast of Denmark may seem a bit off-putting to families, but the good news is that there is a road on the mainland winding past old windmills to get you there.

Many people pack a picnic and spend a good few hours savoring views that stretch as far as Ibiza on clear days.

The cliffs are 160 meters high and are part of a marine reserve, where it is forbidden to fish in the water below and sea fish and grits.

12. The Hermitages

La Ermita De Pare Pere

A fun way to get out to the village around Danya is to set off in search of one of the handful of old hermitages, or chapels, usually from the 15th and 16th centuries.

These tended to be located far from the settlements and today generally remain uncommon, except perhaps for small weekly masses and holy days where people may make a pilgrimage.

You can get detailed information on how to find them from Danya’s Tourist Office.

Take the Para Pera, on the middle slopes of Montago, nestled within the natural park in a pine forest.

Still standing still stands the humble 17th-century house used by its founder, Fry Pedro Esteve, during his retreats for prayer and meditation.

13. Las Palace

Las Palace

In mid-March Danya hosts its own celebrations held to commemorate St. Joseph.

Since he was the patron of the carpenters, the various artisans in the city were holding bonfires to clear out their old remains.

For centuries it has been snowballing into the noisy, gunpowder-filled celebrations that take place today.

It all starts when 11 paper pulp sculptures, usually in a satirical hue, are displayed throughout the city.

It is called “Planet”, and over the next few days the sculptures will be marched through the streets and judged to see which one is the best.

There is also a daily “mascletà”, a cacophonous fireworks display at Plaza Hauma I at 2.30pm. Last night the “karma” takes place when everyone except the winning statue is burned in huge bonfires.

14. Water sports

Windsurfing in Danya

Knowledgeable people rank Danya as one of the top destinations in Spain for water sports.

This has a lot to do with the orientation of the resort, and captures the prevailing winds in places like Les Deveses at the top end of Punta del Rust.

This is great news for windsurfers and kite surfers, and if you have ever felt like trying these sports, you will never have a better chance than in Danya.

Same thing about sailing, since the port has several schools.

For viewers, the Real Club Náutico de Dénia (Royal Sailing School) is famous for its prestigious rigs, the Rota de la Salle and the Cup trophy canal

15. Cuba Taldea

Cuba Taldea

There is no way to get to this cave in the San Antonio Reserve unless you are willing to be afraid.

By land you can reach Les Rotes, continuing past Gerro’s watchtower.

From the edge of the bluffs there are two paths nailing down: it is essential that you wear appropriate shoes for this.

A more relaxing way is to book a kayak trip with one of Danya’s adventure sports companies and paddle here instead.

Anyway you get there, the cave is well worth the effort, with clear and protected water, perfect for snorkeling, and a huge room to explore.

Many people come just to sunbathe on the rocks and swim in the warm and clear sea.

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