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With only 23,000 inhabitants, Krems an der Donau is a small town in Lower Austria, which is far above its weight in terms of observation and attractions.

Located in the Wachau Valley and resting on the banks of the Danube, Krems holds an important location in the area and is only 70 km from Vienna.

This historic city has a rich history of winemaking, and it also boasts charm and great character with its old architecture and comfortable colony on the Danube.

The town has excellent transport links by train to neighboring places and can be reached from Vienna in just an hour.

Let’s explore the best things to do in Krems:

1. Winzer Krems (Wine Tour)

Wincher Krems

The lower region of Austria where Krems is located is a famous wine region and Krems has a history of producing fine wine.

Winzer Krems is an established winery and has been producing some of the finest bottles in Austria since 1938. You can take a tour around the estate and learn about the winemaking process and history of Winzer Krems and even get a sample or two of their fine produce. .

With grape varieties that include Chardonnay, Neuberger, Yellow Muscat and Pinot Blanc there will be something to suit everyone’s taste.

2. Egstein Castle

Agstein Castle

This iconic castle towering high on a cliff overlooking the Danube has stood the test of time since the 12th century and now remains an excellent ruin.

It is often said that it is impenetrable, it has never been documented that the castle was forcibly flourished, only conquered by famine or other cunning means.

Thanks to its high location and great vantage point, the castle really stands out against the backdrop of Austria’s lower countryside.

Inside the castle you will experience a medieval atmosphere with several permanent exhibitions and also a restaurant.

3. Schonbohl Castle

Scared castle

Another fine castle in the Wachau area located just below the town of Melk, Schonbuhel Castle lies in a location similar to Aggstein Castle high above the Danube on a rock over 40 meters above the river.

Possible remains of a Roman fortress are found here before the castle was built and it has had some form of fortification since the 12th century.

Take audio tours around this fascinating structure and also enjoy the wonderful flower displays in the castle grounds.

4. Cartoon Museum

Cartoon Museum

This unique museum is one of the only cartoon museums in Austria and is located right in the center of Krems.

The exhibits here are constantly changing so you will always find something new and interesting to admire.

The exhibition mainly features different types of cartoons and cartoons by the artist including Manfred Dries and Gerhard Hadrar and is really fascinating.

The light and fun atmosphere of the museum makes it an unforgettable place to visit.

Although there are no descriptions in English, it is easy to follow the exhibitions.

5. Gottwig Monastery

Gottwig Monastery

This Benedictine monastery is an impressive sight with its dominant twin towers and its colorful exterior design.

Just south of Krems, the monastery complex is quite wide and includes the main monastery, a walled courtyard and several gardens.

The red towers of the monastery stand out and the whole complex holds an impressive position in the Wachau Valley.

This stunning example of Baroque design includes a museum that displays parts of the interior of the monastery such as the magnificent and stunning staircase, an apricot orchard, and also gives spectacular views of the Wachau Valley from its balconies.

6. Piaristenkirche


This Roman Catholic church is the oldest in Crimea and was built around 1284, but official records show that the church was consecrated in the 15th century, so the exact date is unknown.

The exterior of the church is quite towering with a typical high tiled roof, similar in shape to that of St. Stephen’s in Vienna.

The bell tower has a decorated Romanesque dome and the huge copper bell that resides inside it weighs over 5000 kg.

The interior is characterized by a baroque design and has a very ornate altar full of gold, and a beautiful organ that sits high above one of the wings.

This beautiful church is a charming place to visit and is ideally located for easy access.

7. Motor-Museum

Motorrad-Museum, Krems-Egelsee

For any motorcycle enthusiast this museum will be like a gold mine.

Although it is located in the smaller village of Egelsee, the museum is still only a 10 minute drive away and well worth the effort.

For an entrance fee of only 4 euros, enjoy over 170 different classic motorcycles, including models from Bock & Hollender, Austria Alpha, Triumph, Harley Davidson and Indian.

The time frame of the collection extends right from the beginning of the 19th century to the present day and is a truly wonderful look at the history of motorcycle riding.

8. Cruise on the Danube to Melk

Melk Monastery from the Danube

As the Danube is one of the most important rivers in Europe; It makes sense that you enjoy an unforgettable cruise on its waters during your stay in Krems.

DDSG operates on this section of the river and provides a boat ride from Krems to the magical town of Melk which is further down the road further west.

The full route lasts about 3 hours and there are options to stop at some of the routes of the smaller town.

On the way you will admire the spectacular view and see the world passing by.

9. Buy a bottle of local wine


Because Krems boasts such a fine history of winemaking, it is clear that there are many shops in the town center where you can buy a bottle of souvenirs to drink as you wish at Krems, or take home so your family can attend.

The Johann Strauss Winery has a large selection of varieties to purchase and sample, however it is advisable to call the institution in advance to make sure they are open.

10. City Walls / Old Town of Krems

Krems Old Town

Much of the walls of the old town of Krems have remained intact, so walking around them and exploring the old town center is a great way to see the city and experience the local culture.

Many shops and cafes are hidden in the structure of some of the walls and many of the old buildings are now used as shopping areas.

Just enjoy walking around the town and being impressed by its historic feel and pleasant atmosphere.

11. Glatt & Workhart Music Festival

Glatt Workhart Music Festival

The Glatt & Verkehrt Festival is a celebration of Latin American, African and Balkan music, all combined with a wonderful supply of fine wine made directly in the Wachau area, and is usually held in July.

This lively festival promotes everything related to Krems and presents in the cities great culinary delights, delicious wines and hosts many live concerts and performances throughout the month – the atmosphere is perfect and the musical styles are truly eclectic.

12. Kunsthalle

Constale Krems

Housed in the stunning building of a former tobacco factory, Konsthal is an exhibition center in the middle of Krems by the river.

The main focus of the exhibitions in this hall was conflicts from the 19th century and both classical and contemporary art.

The Kunsthalle, which has been open since 1994 and contains a huge variety of exhibitions over the years, attracts a large amount of visitors and is a must see in Krems.

13. Enjoy great food at Zum Kaiser

Kaiser Zoom

Traditional Austrian cuisine is something worth sampling when in town like Krems.

The country is known for enjoyable dishes such as Schnitzel Wiener, Tepleshpitz and Feldermaus as well as Schartorte pastries.

While Krems includes a variety of different restaurants and bars, providing all kinds of cuisine, the Zum Kaiser is a reputed institution and a first-class place to try traditional food.

Quietly located in Krems near a small square, and offering a pleasant atmosphere with a limited amount of tables, the Zum Kaiser will provide you with an unforgettable dining experience.

14. Sample some Marilens schnapps (apricot brandy)


The Wachau region is not only famous for its quality wine, but also as a producer of Marilenshnapps or used brandy.

The process becomes used for liquor through fermentation and produces brandy with an alcohol percentage of about 40%.

Many small plantations create this tempting drink, and there are plenty of homemade varieties of Marillenschnaps available.

Bailoni Institution in Krems is one such manufacturer and has a great store where you can buy brandy products used in various jams including jams, syrups, spirits and chocolate.

15. Visit the town of Melk

Melk, Austria

This inviting town located further down the Danube from Krem has a wonderful charm and is easy to visit on a day trip or as part of a river cruise.

Enjoy walking the streets of the town to admire the beautiful architecture or sights such as the old post office, the house on the rock and the Rathausplatz square.

Moreover you can see parts of the old city walls and round towers which add to the temptation of Melk.

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