UK net migration from all EU countries (interactive map)

With an early general election scheduled for June 8 in the UK, it’s no surprise that Brexit is dominating the debate. We have spoken to some EU citizens currently living in the UK who are understandably concerned about their identities – the current UK government has so far refused to provide any meaningful assurances. So we thought we should look at how many migrants from each EU country are currently living in the UK and vice versa. You can view our findings in the interactive map and graph below. Just hover over a country to see the data.

net migration


  1. In 2015, the total number of EU citizens living in the UK was estimated at 3,325,000 (ONS)
  2. In the same year, the total number of UK citizens living in other EU countries was estimated at 1,217,500 (United Nations)
  3. Only 4 countries have more British expats than people living in the UK: Cyprus, France, Luxembourg and Spain.
  4. There are as many fins in the UK as there are Britons in Finland (about 7,000)
  5. Over 25% of EU citizens living in the UK are from Poland (883,000 out of 3,325,000)

where do we get the data from

Data for EU citizens living in the UK comes from the Office for National Statistics’ 2015 report titled Labour Force Survey.

Data on the UK-born population living in the EU comes from a 2015 UN report titled Trends in International Migrant Stocks: Migration by Destination and Source.

While neither set of data can claim to be 100% accurate, they are considered the best estimates currently available. Credit for this method is Migration Watch UK.

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