What airline code is LL?

What airline code is LL?

Miami Air International
Miami Air (LL/BSK) International Flight Tracker

Airline name Miami Air International IATA code LL ICAO Code BSK
Country United States Country code BISCAYNE Status Active

What is the airline code From?

Airline Information

call sign CONDOR
Country Germany
Website http://www.condor.com

What airport is D at?


IATA ICAO Airport name
AAD KDAAAName Davison Army Airfield
touches KDABComment Daytona Beach International Airport
CAD VGHS Shah Jalal International Airport

What is the KLM airline code?


Legal name KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
Airline code 074
IATA code KL
Region Europe

What is the 2 letter code for Latam Airlines?

LATAM Airlines Group

Legal name LATAM Airlines Group S.A.
ICAO code local network
Airline code 045
Region Americas

What is the DHL call sign?

DHL Aviation. Designator. ICAO: DHL / IATA: N/A. Call sign. DHL.

What country is RGN?

Yangon International Airport

Yangon International Airport
Website yangonairport.aero
RGN Airport location in Myanmar

What country code is DSS?

Blaise Diagne International Airport

Blaise Diagne International Airport Blaise Diagne International Airport
Contact information 14°40′16″N 17°4′1″W
Website dakaraaeroport.com
DSS Airport Location in Senegal

What airline code is 988?

Asiana Cargo – Asiana Airlines AWB starts with the airline prefix ‘988’ followed by eight digits.

What does the ICAO airline designator mean?

ICAO Airline Code ICAO Airline Code is a code assigned by the (ICAO) to aircraft operating agencies, aeronautical authorities and services related to international aviation, each of which is seeing assigning both a three-letter area code and a telephony area code.

Is there a list of all airline codes?

This is a list of all airline codes. The table lists IATA airline codes, ICAO airline codes, and airline call signs (telephone area code). Historical assignments are also included for completeness.

What is the IATA code for airline booking?

IATA Airline Designators, sometimes referred to as IATA Reservation Codes, are two-character codes assigned by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) to airlines around the world.

Why is there a third character in the IATA code?

Although the IATA standard calls for three-character airline designators, IATA has not used the optional third character in any assigned code. Indeed, some legacy IT systems, including “reservation centres”, have not complied with the standard, although it has been in place for twenty years.