What are extended travel coilovers?

What are extended travel coilovers?

They increase suspension travel and dramatically increase the capabilities of your Tacoma’s front suspension. These coilovers are intended to be installed with an aftermarket uniball upper control arm kit to ensure proper wheel travel and to prevent premature ball joint wear.

What is an extended travel suspension?

Long travel suspension is a type of vehicle suspension often used in the off-road racing industry. Vehicles such as dune buggies, baja racers, and rock crawlers use long-travel suspension to lessen the effects of harsh, off-road driving conditions.

What is the difference between a medium trip and a long trip?

In general, these terms all refer to suspension travel from full droop to full compression. You can easily do a mid-race setup on the tundra with bolt-on kits. Long runs require cutting, welding, and lots of parts and money.

What is an Intermediate Travel Kit?

The average travel is a uca and spool over plus combo offering more travel than stock, iirc around 9-10″. Long Travel replaces the entire front suspension with longer arms and longer shocks typically giving around 12-15 inches of travel. The longer arms make the truck wider and make the fiberglass fenders necessary.

What do you need for a long travel suspension?

Long Travel Suspension Fundamentals A base kit should include several essential components: Longer coil-over front shocks with remote reservoirs that have longer travel, allowing the suspension arms to travel farther. Remote reservoirs run cooler, reducing shock fade in intense terrain.

What is the long travel kit for?

What is a long travel kit? A long-travel kit is a complete replacement for your side-by-side’s suspension. It comes with longer A-arms, axles, tie-rods and radius arms (if your UTV uses them). It is designed to make your suspension wider by a certain amount.

How much does a long travel kit cost?

You can expect to spend $2,500 to $4,000 for the long-travel kit, $1,100 to $1,500 for the shocks, and $400 to $500 for the fiberglass fenders. Installation varies; just remember that four wheel drive trucks will require the extended CV axles which are a PITA to install.

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