What are my rights if an airline changes my flight?

What are my rights if an airline changes my flight?

If it is a refund, you are generally entitled to a refund for all unused flights on your booking. Cancellation – If your flight is cancelled, you are covered by law and entitled to a refund or another flight. If the cancellation occurs within 14 days of departure, you may also be entitled to compensation.

Can airlines change your flight without compensation?

It’s federal law: “A passenger is entitled to a refund if the airline has canceled a flight for any reason, and the passenger chooses not to be rebooked on a new flight on that company.” Airlines may try to hide the refund option and push you to get a voucher instead. Know your rights and be proactive.

Is there a way to get compensation for canceled flights?

Check airline rules and policies. Although compensation is not required by law, many airlines have their own company policies allowing for some form of compensation for canceled flights. Keep in mind that full-service airlines are more likely to offer compensation for canceled flights than their no-frills, low-budget counterparts.

What are an airline’s cancellation rights?

The Flight Cancellations Act lists 3 types of rights: In addition to your right to compensation (see below), flight cancellation rules state that the airline must offer you the choice between reimbursement of your ticket or rerouting. More specifically, they must give you the choice between:

What to do if your flight is canceled or delayed?

If Southwest passengers have their flight canceled or delayed for one or more reasons within the airline’s control, the airline allows them to rebook on another flight or, if they wish, get a refund of their plane ticket. Southwest is one of the most generously compensated airlines in the industry.

What happens if American Airlines cancels your flight?

If your flight has been canceled and you have not been notified at least two weeks in advance, you are entitled to compensation. The company’s first attempt to solve the problem is always to put you on the next flight to your destination.