What cities did the Watsons travel to?

What cities did the Watsons travel to?

The Watson family in the novel, The Watsons Go to Birmingham-1963, travels through five states from Flint, Michigan to Birmingham, Alabama in the summer of 1963. Let’s explore the geography, the issues they face, and look at the changes over time.

Where do the Watsons stop on the way to Birmingham?

Tangled in the beard of God. The Weird Watsons take their first break at a rest stop outside of Toledo, Ohio. They stop for sandwiches and a toilet break, only the bathrooms are unlike anything Kenny has ever seen.

Why does the Watson family find the rest stop in Appalachia scary?

They are afraid when they arrive because they are afraid that there will be rednecks and crackers. He was nervous because he had heard that there were rednecks and hicks who would eat him.

Why do you think Mr. and Mrs. Watson ask Byron to sleep in their room the night before they go on a trip?

It’s because he has a plan to sneak out and run away the day before they leave. (However, where does he think he would go?) Joey rats him out so mom and dad won’t kill him for running away. They make Byron sleep in their room for the last night.

What is Kenny referring to when he sees the scariest things he’s ever seen?

What is Kenny referring to when he sees “the scariest things” he’s ever seen? Describe them. It refers to the stars in the sky and the fact that there were more of them than usual. He describes him as looking like a deformed, evil, one-armed space robot.

What is Mr. Watson’s nickname for Moses Henderson?

Moses Henderson, or “Hambone” Henderson, to give him his unflattering nickname, nearly married Mrs Watson. Apparently, “Hambone” got his nickname because he had a hambone-shaped head, with “more knots on his head than a dinosaur”.

Who will Byron live with?

Well, that doesn’t seem so bad. And Grandma Sands is going to babysit Byron for the summer. Oh. And if it does not recover, it will have to stay there all year.

How does Kenny know mom is mad?

Kenny realizes Mom is angry when he says “Uh-oh”. How does he know mom isn’t happy? Mom didn’t look very happy when she told Byron to get off his boat and come to her.

Where do the Watsons intend to stop to sleep?

In which cities do the Watsons intend to stop to sleep? In Cincinnati and Knoxville, they plan to stop and get a room at a motel. They are going to Birmingham.

Where did the Watsons spend the night in Cincinnati?

The next morning, the Watsons are leaving and the plan is to drive to Cincinnati and spend the night at a hotel there so Daniel won’t get too tired driving. They will stay at a rest stop in Knoxville the following night; they will then travel to Birmingham on the final day.

Where did the Watsons stay in Birmingham in 1963?

Mom plans a meticulous route with several stops along the way to allow them to rest and sleep in motels. His itinerary calls for them to travel to Cincinnati, Ohio on the first day, and stay there the night. Then they would travel to Knoxville, Tennessee, and stay there the second night.

Where do the Watsons go on their trip?

The Watsons begin their journey in Flint, Michigan. Mom has created a notebook detailing the costs of the trip, the route, stops along the way, etc. She expects the trip to take three days.