What do Hawaiians do when it rains?

What do Hawaiians do when it rains?

6 things to do on a rainy day in Hawaii

  • Visit museums and galleries. Honolulu Museum of Art, Oahu.
  • Have an inner adventure. Photo: Imiloa Astronomical Center.
  • Get above the clouds. Just outside the Haleakalā Visitor Center.
  • Look for the sun on the drier sides of the islands.
  • Go shopping!
  • Consider showers a blessing.

What happens when it rains in Hawaii?

Some places get less than six inches of rain a year! There is a beautiful type of rain that Hawaiians call “Kilihune” – it is the gentle misty rain that falls and cools you down on a hot day. So whichever Hawaiian island you choose to live on – it rains often – but usually in small bursts.

How to dress for a day in Hawaii?

Hawaiian print shirts for men and floral dresses for women are the easiest and most comfortable choices. When paired with shorts or khaki pants, the aloha shirt goes from casual to dressy. For a conservative look, women can wear a traditional muʻumuʻu or floral print long dress or sarong.

Do people use umbrellas in Hawaii?

Part of Hawaii’s appeal to vacationers who live in non-coastal parts of the world is its beautiful beaches and warm ocean. But an umbrella keeps you on the beach longer, especially when shade is hard to find or is already occupied by other beachgoers.

What is the wettest month in Hawaii?

November and March are the two wettest months in Hawaii.

Why is it always raining in Hawaii?

Each island has a wet side and a dry side: the trade winds The trade winds on the Hawaiian islands blow from the east and northeast between 250 and 300 days a year (source). Thus, the rain falls mainly on the high windward side of the islands.

How bad is the rainy season in Hawaii?

In Hawaii, the “rainy season” lasts all winter, but it comes in spurts with lots of sunshine interspersed. Some winter weather conditions in Hawaii appear to be wetter than others. For example, we had a spell a few years ago where we went practically 40 days and 40 nights with constant rain.

Is Hawaii cold at night?

Hawaii has a semi-tropical climate. Temperatures generally range from 75 to 90 degrees all year round during the day and 70 to 80 degrees at night. Temperatures during the winter months can be a bit cooler, where nighttime temperatures can sometimes drop into the 50s.

What to pack for the rainy season in Hawaii?

A light jacket or sweater is therefore useful. The rainy season runs from October to April, so pack your umbrella and a patient smile. The weather remains warm when it rains, so few people wear rain jackets or boots. You will always see flip flops all around.

Should you wear a rain jacket in Hawaii?

In some areas of Hawaii, you can unexpectedly get hit with rain while on the hiking trails. If you don’t want to get wet and miserable, it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to have a lightweight rain jacket like this.

What to wear on the island of Hawaii?

While you could easily wear a cheap pair of rubber sandals, when all is said and done, these aren’t the best outfits on the island. Instead, when deciding what to wear in Hawaii, you’ll want to opt for a nicer pair of sandals that you can pack for a walk in downtown Honolulu or elsewhere.

What not to wear when hiking in Hawaii?

Chances are if you hike a popular trail in Hawaii you’ll see at least a few people wearing flip flops on the trail. It’s really not a good idea, and it’s something you really shouldn’t wear while hiking in Hawaii! Instead, your best shoe choices while hiking in Hawaii might be: Trail sandals.