What does a business travel agent do?

What does a business travel agent do?

The main responsibility of business travel agents is to plan tour packages, excursions and day trips. On behalf of employees, they book flights, rental cars, hotels, tickets and insurance. Excellent business travel agents work well under pressure and respond quickly to customer issues.

What is the business travel service?

A TMC will manage an organization’s business or corporate travel program. They will often provide an online booking tool, mobile app, program and advisory management teams, executive travel services, meeting and event support, reporting functionality and potentially more. .

Is a travel agency a business?

Corporate travel agencies, also known as travel management companies, offer travel-related services with discounts and benefits, which can be adjusted to meet company travel policy and the due diligence for business travelers.

What is the role of business travel in the tourism industry?

A corporate travel agent may be tasked with arranging accommodation, flights, and other forms of transportation and will typically turn to a Global Distribution System (GDS) to help with these tasks. For hotels, this means that the main GDS systems function as a vital distribution channel.

How can I attract business travel customers?

How to Get Corporate Clients for a Travel Agency

  1. Networking. Networking works best among business people.
  2. Marketing. When marketing in the corporate sector, be sure to focus more on physical and real-world approaches.
  3. Targeting.

What are the six phases of business travel management?


  • Travel management. …
  • Assistance to passengers. …
  • Consultant. …
  • Marketing and internal communication. …
  • Technology. …
  • Leisure department.

What makes business travel difficult?

Besides the cost, the lack of visibility and accuracy makes it harder for businesses to control unnecessary spending. Finally, the lack of visibility into travel expenses makes it difficult for finance teams to identify when employees are incurring expenses that do not comply with company travel policy.

What are the advantages of a travel agency?

Benefits of using a travel agent

  • Travel is their specialty. The number 1 benefit of using a travel agent when it comes to booking your family trip is that the trip is their expertise.
  • Knowledge of destinations.
  • Convenience.
  • Cost savings.
  • Relationships.
  • Travel assistance.
  • Reduced stress.


Is there a corporate travel agency in South Africa?

YOUR.CT is the business traveler’s single point of access to all your travel technology needs. With 20 years of experience serving medium and large businesses in South Africa, we know you need an integrated technology suite that gives your travelers a simple way to research, approve and book their travel.

What can a business travel agent do for your business?

They act as your company’s travel industry expert and your employees’ travel advisors, through tasks such as: Developing corporate travel policy and monitoring compliance. Negotiate great rates with preferred airlines, hotels, etc. and manage contracts.

What is the best travel agency for a business trip?

Truly get the best rates: You may think you’re getting the best prices by using a personal agent or one of the many online travel agencies. However, switching to a corporate travel agency like American Express Global Business Travel means you can leverage an extensive network for even greater savings.

What is the best definition of business travel?

Define business travel. Business trip. 1. Travel organized by a company for professional purposes. 2. A division or department of a travel agency dedicated to such travel.