What does Fitt represent in the travel industry?

What does Fitt represent in the travel industry?

Originally the acronym ‘FIT’ stood for ‘Foreign Independent Tour’ but is now more commonly used to describe a fully independent traveler or tourist.

What are FIT and GIT?

FIT and GIT are the terms used by employees in the tourism industry for vacation packages. FIT stands for Free Independent Travelers and GIT stands for Group Inclusive Tour. FIT packages are for the small group of travelers who want to travel at their own pace and want to customize to their preferences.

What is a fit traveler?

FIT was originally short for “independent travel abroad” or foreign leisure travel without an escort or fixed package structure. Today, FIT more commonly refers to “flexible independent travel” – the components of the itinerary may look like a package, but the itinerary is tailor-made for the traveler.

What is an FIT rate in hotels?

In the past, hotels displayed a published rate called the “FIT rate” or “listed rate”. This was often the rate offered to customers who requested accommodation for the same day without prior reservation – the FIT’ segment.

What is the Full Form of Fit?

Full FIT form is the frequency of information transfer

Term Definition Category
ADAPT Built-in testing framework Other
ADAPT Fluid impact technology Chemistry
ADAPT fashion institute of technology internet slang
ADAPT formation flight Military



Acronym Definition
ADAPT Failure in time
ADAPT Focal infection theory
ADAPT Financial information tool (various organizations)
ADAPT Frequency, intensity and time


What is meant by adjustment?

1a: properly marry the shape or size of These jeans no longer fit me. b(1): to insert or to adjust until it is well in place Put the dough in the mould. He struggled to put all the pieces back together. 1: Fit a particular shape or size The dress fits perfectly.

What is Stdc’s vision?

Objectives of STDC (State Tourism Development Corporations) 1. To establish, develop, promote, execute, operate and carry out projects, programs and other activities, including the management and maintenance of tourism vehicles to accelerate development tourism.

What is the complete form of hotel adjustment?

Free Independent Travelers (FIT) are travelers who plan their own trips and prefer to travel alone or in small groups.