What does Lai Lai mean in Hawaiian?

What does Lai Lai mean in Hawaiian?

Hawaiian Dictionaries. [Parker Dictionary(Hwn to Eng)] Lai (la’i), n. 1. Used for lani, the heavens, especially when the sky is clear and the weather calm; e ke alii wahine o ka lai.

What does the name Alani mean?

Origin: Hawaiian. Popularity:494. Meaning: precious. Alani as a girl’s name is related to the old German and Hawaiian name Alana. The meaning of Alani is “precious”.

How do people in Hawaii say goodbye?

Aloha (hello, goodbye, sharing spirit and love) The universal term for greeting or saying goodbye in Hawaii. The term aloha has a much deeper meaning and symbolizes a standard for the lifestyle and giving nature of the people of Kauai.

What does Ohuna mean in Hawaiian?

ʻOhana is a Hawaiian term meaning “family” (in any extended sense of the word, including blood-related, adoptive, or intentional). The term is related to Māori kōhanga, which means “nest”.

What is the ti sheet used for?

Other uses are medicinal for fevers, decongestants and healing, the leaves are used to wrap gifts, food for cooking, liners for dishes, hula skirts and as a cover for the “imu” and the underground oven. The Kahunas and clergy use the leaf to sprinkle holy water to bless.

Is ti leaf a canoe plant?

Cordyline fruitcosa, one of the canoe plants introduced to Hawai’i by early Polynesians, served many purposes, providing food, medicine, shelter, clothing and footwear – as well as great spiritual power – to the first Hawaiians. The original plant was a tall stem with tightly clustered, blade-shaped, green, oval leaves.

What does the name Alani mean in the Bible?

Alani is a mostly popular unisex baby name in the Christian religion and its main origin is Hawaiian. The meaning of the name Alani is As the orange tree.

What does Alani mean in Arabic?

The meaning of Alani is “Beautiful”.

What is a hui hou kakou?

A Hui Hou Kākou (Until We Meet Again)

What is the meaning of the name Ahuna?

Find out below. According to a user from India, the name Ahuna is of Sanskrit origin and means “Prince of Beauties or Charming Kingot”. Search more names by meaning. Thanks! We will review your submission shortly! Where is the name Ahuna popular?

What is the meaning of the Hawaiian word kahuna?

The word “kahuna”, according to JS Emerson, an early observer of Hawaiian culture, “further suggests the professional relationship of the priest to the community”. Andrews, mentioned above, defines a “kahuna” as “a general name applied to persons who have a trade, art, or practice a profession.”

What is a kahuna without a qualifying term?

He says a qualifying term is usually added, such as “kahuna lapa’au, a physician; kahuna pule, a priest; kahuna kalai la’au, carpenter; kahuna kala, a goldsmith. He also notes that “the word kahuna without any qualifier (usually) refers to the priest or the person who offers sacrifices”.

Is crafting kahuna illegal in Hawaii?

The homemade kahuna was never banned; however, during the decline of native Hawaiian culture, many died and did not pass on their wisdom to new students.