What is a long journey?

What is a long journey?

and IMO, anything with longer upper and lower control arms than stock is considered long travel.

What are long journeys for?

A long-travel kit is a complete replacement for your side-by-side’s suspension. It comes with longer A-arms, axles, tie-rods and radius arms (if your UTV uses them). It is designed to make your suspension wider by a certain amount.

What does long suspension travel mean?

Long Travel Suspension Basics Longer upper and lower control arms that move the wheels away from the centerline of the vehicle, up to 6 inches per side, allowing the wheels to travel vertically further.

What is the difference between a long trip and a medium trip?

In general, these terms all refer to suspension travel from full droop to full compression. You can easily do a mid-race setup on the tundra with bolt-on kits. Long runs require cutting, welding, and lots of parts and money.

What is suspension travel?

Travel. This refers to the distance the suspension travels before being fully compressed. Since the front suspension is telescopic, the suspension travel is equal to the resulting travel of the wheels.

Are Prerunners street legal?

The vehicle will remain street legal for everyday use, while adding the functionality of being able to drive it through the desert and access race tracks and other desert trails.

How do long travel shocks work?

The long-travel suspension redefines these mechanics by using longer lower control arms in front and lower control arms in the rear. (The ones with leaf springs in the rear, I know you just rolled your eyes.) These lower arms allow the wheels to be pushed out and down, and allow for more vertical travel on field.

What is an average travel bike?

Mid-travel full-suspension mountain bikes tend to cover a wider range of mountain bikes than other more specific mountain bike styles. With front and rear travel between 130mm and 160mm, these mountain bikes are generally classified as trail or all-mountain bikes.

What does mid-stroke suspension do?

Long travel suspension is a type of vehicle suspension often used in the off-road racing industry. Vehicles such as dune buggies, baja racers, and rock crawlers use long-travel suspension to lessen the effects of harsh, off-road driving conditions.

Is the 120mm travel enough?

Also, you probably won’t notice much difference between a 120mm, 130mm and 140mm fork. Honestly, a 120mm fork is enough for most trail riders. A longer trip does not necessarily mean better.

What is the difference between a short trip and a long trip?

Marshal: It all depends on the trail. Very steep and extended uneven trail: short travel = 160 mm; long stroke = 200mm+. Root and rocky backcountry trails: short course = stiff; long travel = 140mm Wheel size greatly affects travel.

Why do you need long travel suspension?

These lower links allow the wheels to be pushed out and down, and allow for more vertical movement over terrain. More vertical travel means the wheels and shocks can cycle more, absorbing bumps that would otherwise push beyond the limits of a normal-travel suspension.

What are the arms of a long journey?

To start, an overview of what a basic long trip is, because I know it’s confusing. 1. Extended upper and lower control arms (2-6 inch thrust track width per side, depending on kit). Long-travel control arms typically use large head joints, which allow for more articulation and are stronger than ball joints. 2.

What does mountain biking mean?

What is a mountain bike “trip”? Travel is simply the maximum distance the mountain bike’s front or rear suspension can compress, as it absorbs force, before bottoming out. The greater the travel, the more force the suspension can comfortably absorb. The lower the stroke, the lower the absorbed force.